6 Reasons Why Zen Estate Kharadi Is a Lifestyle Choice

6 Reasons Why Zen Estate Kharadi Is a Lifestyle Choice

When it comes to buying a house, it is not just money that is invested in it. Instead, you invest in your dream of owning a property and converting it into something that you can call home.

If you are planning to buy a house in Kharadi, then look no further. Zen Estate is one such initiative that emphasizes the area’s potential for growth. Zen Estate is located on the banks of the famed Mula Mutha river. It combines some of the most outstanding components of building residences that would elevate living experiences to a divine level.

Here are the six reasons that make Zen Estate Kharadi a great choice:

You are not just introduced by your name but also by the location that you reside in. If someone visits your home for the first time, your house speaks for you and casts an impression on your behalf. Once you book your home in the Zen Estate Kharadi, you will never have to worry about your impression as it is by default going to be positive. Here are some reasons as to why investment in Zen Estate Kharadi is a lifestyle choice?


1. Unmatched living experience


Zen Estate is a joint venture between Mahalaxmi Group and Kohinoor Group, two of Pune’s most well-known and renowned builders and developers. These stakeholders came together with the same aim in mind: to offer people a fantastic living experience. This collaborative initiative was launched with the clear goal of developing a project that would not only stand out but would also leave a lasting – calm, and peaceful impression for anyone and everyone who becomes a part of the Zen Estate Family.


2. Great amenities


Zen Estate Project Amenities


One thing the lockdown has taught us is the importance of staying indoors. However, it is nearly impossible not to step out and engage in social activities. The good news is, Zen Estate Kharadi brings them to you so that the risk is minimised. You don’t just get a home, you get access to some great amenities too, like:

    • Swimming Pool with Kids Pool
    • Yoga Meditation Deck
    • Walkway/Jogging Track
    • Senior Citizen’s Sit-out
    • Kids’ Play Area with Rubber Flooring
    • Party Lawn with Stage
    • Multipurpose play court
    • Amphitheatre
    • Open Gym
    • Games area, etc

Why step out when you get all this at walking distance! When you live in Zen Estate, you just don’t stay safe, but you stay fit too with all the possible amenities in close proximity.


3. Convenient connectivity


Kharadi Area Connectivity


Kharadi, which is located along Pune’s eastern corridor, is home to some well-known IT Hubs and Commercial Parks. This is why an increasing number of IT workers are flocking to every residential space available in this area.

Kharadi has sparked the interest of many people looking for the best connectivity, the most remarkable social infrastructure, and a sophisticated community that too without burning a hole in the pocket.


4. Sustainable lifestyle


IGBC certified residential project


It’s a residential area with an all-encompassing green ecosystem. It won an IGBC PLATINUM Project Certificate for its use of reused building materials, recycling facilities, rainwater harvesting, and smart energy-saving measures. The eco-friendly features include:

Wastewater Treatment and Reuse: Zen Estate will have a cutting-edge water treatment facility as part of the project. The concept is to reuse treated wastewater and gardening. This in itself lowers expenses and makes a major contribution to conserving one of our most vital resources for living a sustainable existence.
Organic Waste Treatment: Zen Estate will use a composter for organic waste. The resulting manure will be utilized within the project to result in a sustainable lifestyle.

The utilization of Renewable Energy: The Sun is our most abundant and powerful source of free energy, and we want to fully utilize it at Zen. Solar water heaters are added as part of the project to reduce overall energy consumption.


5. Well-planned project


Zen Estate Kharadi Pune


The Zen Estate Kharadi is not just an arrow shot in the dark. It is the brainchild of some highly qualified people who made sure that this is one of the most well-planned projects in Kharadi. Zen Estate’s location offers an ideal mix between environment, social infrastructure, and excellent connectivity. The community is well-connected and safe, and the neighborhood is diverse. Zen Estate promises to seamlessly incorporate some of the greatest criteria that go into building some of the most exquisite houses and provide a great living experience.


6. Healthy living


healthy living at zen estate


In a heavy crowd of residential projects in Kharadi, Zen Estate is designed in such a way that numerous sustainable components, such as the prudent use of recycled building materials, recycling facilities, rainwater harvesting, wastewater re-utilization, and smart energy conservation measures, have been incorporated into the construction and design.

Every residence has been built to maximize natural light and fresh air ventilation because we believe that a better house leads to a happier life and community.


In The End…

Zen Estate Project Kharadi Pune


Zen Estate is not just a community; it is truly a lifestyle choice! Invest in a future that will not only keep you healthy but safe as well! The project truly stands out among other residential projects in Kharadi because of its value for money offering, Zen theme-based garden and homes, and riverside living.

It offers premium 3 BHK flats for sale in Kharadi Pune, which is the epitome of affordable luxury. Don’t look for any other upcoming residential projects in Kharadi Pune. Come to Peace. Come To Zen Estate.

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