6 Ways To Celebrate Gudi Padwa In 2021 Lockdown

6 Ways To Celebrate Gudi Padwa In 2021 Lockdown

The season of festivals is here. We enjoyed Holi with a blast, even with the pandemic standing on our shoulders. Unfortunately in the past few days, the covid graph has doubled heights in India. Leaving us all on a low note for Gudi Padwa that is just about to knock on our doors. But no amount of pandemic regulations can drive away from the happiness that each festival brings. Gudi Padwa is here and we will rejoice from safe distances.

Significance of Gudi Padwa

Gudi Padwa celebration


Gudi Padwa celebration takes place on the first day of Chaitra month, according to Hindu Calendar. This festival is marked as the welcome day of Spring and is celebrated with great enthusiasm in and near Maharashtra.

Gudi Padwa was believed to be the day when Lord Bramha (Creator of The Universe) created time and the universe. In some parts of India, it is also believed that on this day, the Coronation of Lord Ram took place, after defeating Ravana.

The festivities begin with Abhyanga Snaan (Bath before the sunrise). All the family members dress in new clothes, some set out in the market to shop for gold and jewelry. A Gudhi is hoisted in front of all the Maharashtrian houses, which is believed to bring good luck and prosperity to the house. The day is spent greeting loved ones and enjoying delicacies.

Due to the implication of Lockdown all over Maharashtra, and the rise of unsafe outdoors due to increasing covid cases, the Gudi Padwa festival this year seems difficult to celebrate for many. However, we shall not let our spirits fade away and pray for the good health of everyone this 13 April. Don’t let your excitement ruin due to the impact of covid on festivals.

How do you celebrate Gudi Padwa from home and share good times with your family and friends? Here’s something to delight you.

Hoist your Gudhi High:

Hoist your Gudhi High


Hoisting the Gudhi already being indoor yet the most important ritual is not something that will need major adjustments due to lockdown. However, you can always more excitement and glam to it. Choose your favorite saree for your Gudhi, make preparation a day before, invite your family to join in for the making of the Gudhi.

If you do not land your hands on the auspicious mango tree leaves, check if Neem leaves are available. Neem trees are readily available in almost all localities of Maharashtra. Besides, you can use neem leaves in your bath and cleaning the house. Neem is the greatest disinfectant.



Rangolis on Gudi Padwa
This is the fun part for most kids and women of the house. Rangolis on Gudi Padwa is an old tradition. You can find multiple rangoli designs on the internet for reference. There are thousands of ideas out there and not all of them require rangoli powder. Get creative with the materials you can use for your rangoli. Flowers, glitter, beads you just need a different perception to make your style of art.



Some of us are with family, some aren’t. Some families are quarantined within the homes. How do we share smiles and the love we will for the festive time with them? There is almost nothing technology can’t solve. Draft personalized messages for your closed ones. Send E-greetings to family and friends. This way you will still be close while being at a safe distance.


DIY decorations

Flip these low moods to crafty enthusiasm. Going to the market and shop for decoration can be a bit difficult and highly safe right now. Instead, make your decorations. Paper can help. Colored papers can make beautiful garlands, door hangings, and even rangolis if you try.

Turn this into your weekend activity, this way you can have fun even when you are behind closed doors.


Gudi Padwa Delicacies


gudi padwa special sweet

Lockdown has turned everyone into a chef. While you can order food too, cooking something by yourself still gives more joy. Try new recipes this Gudi Padwa or stick with the favorite old ones like Puran Poli, Karanji, Anarsa and so many more. Our mouths are already drooling. Aren’t you? Nothing can be more delightful than tasty food.



Share joys and help

It has been a hard year for all. And it is going to harder in the future. And the worst hit of a pandemic is suffered by the poor. Your domestic help, watchman, delivery guys, and many more daily wage workers have been suffering a blow in their earnings. Share clothes and delicacies with the ones who need a ray of hope in their lives.

Nothing gives more joy than sharing. Make Gudi Padwa 2021 happy and special for yourself and everyone around you. Stay at home and enjoy this festival to your heart’s content.

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Gudi Padwa At Zen Estate


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