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Kharadi Roads Roads and Routes to Kharadi !

The commute is a big question in today’s city life!   Going from one location to another… Reaching the office in time… Making it to school in time… Going out to party in the evening… All these activities require an easy commute. Pune is developing on a massive scale, and with the advancement of the […]

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The city of Pune has heritage, culture, simplicity, and mesmerizing beauty. The city offers one of the richest cultures, a glorious past, and a vibrant future. In a very less time, Pune has made a commendable contribution to the software industry and hence we can say it is an Oxford of the east! Pune has […]

Read More Development Plan of Kharadi’s Real Estate

The real estate market is witnessing a shift with emerging technologies and markets. Homebuyer demographics are also evolving with this shift. Pune is known as the Social Capital of Maharashtra and has proved to be a rising hub for residential and commercial properties. The Kharadi location in Pune has become a recent favourite amongst Punekars. […]

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The real estate business in India is undergoing a technological transformation. Several innovative strategies and solutions are being implemented throughout the industry. Real estate is India’s most powerful economic foundation. Pune has been a point of attraction for a lot of industries, like the education industry, the armed forces, the IT industry, the finance industry, […]

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Buying and selling a residential or commercial property to a potential buyer is not a one-go process. It involves a very crucial element known as the marketing of real estate property. It was observed in 2018 that more than 90% of home buyers use online media to search for homes that suit their requirements. That […]

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Developing a real estate project, buying a real estate unit, investing in real estate; when do all these fall in place? What is the sole factor that takes you to the decision of developing, buying, or investing? What will convince you to believe in your decision? Location You bought a home and announced the news […]

Read More Residential Boom Infrastructure Projects Triggered Boom in Demand for Real Estate in Kharadi

Pune is now the new “CITY OF DREAMS,” people come to Pune and settle here for a career and an uplifted life with a higher and satisfactory standard of living. Real estate developers are spending crores on building a life that gives luxury, convenience, and security to new home buyers. Pune is known for its […]

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Pune, a metropolitan city that brings dreams to reality, where aspiring young individuals gather to build a sophisticated lifestyle. People come to Pune with ambitions, dreams, plans, and hopes to make a shift, and a boom in their careers and personal life. What if you get all your desired educational facilities, career opportunities, and a […]

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Purchasing a home is more than just a dream for most people. A person devotes a sizable portion of their life to saving money to buy a house. Also, he/she spends ample time researching the neighborhood, property prices, builders, paperwork, and more. But in practice, buying a home is quite difficult for first-time buyers. Depending […]

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