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Mhada 5 Things You Need to Know About MHADA

You must have heard or read about the MHADA lottery, the hype around it and the urge of people, particularly from the low income group of the society to get a home in a MHADA complex. It is an NPO (non-profit organisation) formed in 1948. First and foremost, let’s understand what MHADA is and its […]

Read More Integrating_Sustainable_design Integrating Sustainable Design in Residential Projects

As our planet Earth battles climate change, more and more builders are turning to Zen Living that puts sustainability at the core of its design. So, what is sustainability?  Sustainability is concerned with protecting the planet, halting climate change and promoting social development, without endangering life on Earth or leaving anyone behind.  If you are […]

Read More best real estate developers in Pune The Art of Zen Living: Designing Residential Projects that Promote Peace and Serenity

The best real estate developers in Pune have realised the importance of introducing Zen Living in their residential projects, and rightly so. Considering the benefits this way of life brings, and the growing demand for it, it was only a matter of time until the real estate developers in Pune and the discerning homebuyers considered […]

Read More Kharadi- A Location Choice of Every Homemaker

Kharadi is a suburban area located in the eastern part of Pune, Maharashtra. It has been witnessing a tremendous surge in popularity in recent years. The area has been attracting many people, especially homemakers, due to its various advantages. The solid presence of one of the biggest IT Parks in Pune, EON IT Park, famous […]

Read More Discover Zen Elite Kharadi – Your Key to a Sukoon Ki Duniya

If you’re looking for a place to live that’s peaceful, comfortable, and happy, then you’re probably looking for a “Sukoon Ki Duniya”. This is a term that is used in Hindi to describe a world or a place that is full of peace, tranquility, and happiness. Zen Elite is a place where you can find […]

Read More Add a Safety Net to Your Investments: Home-buying is a Secure Form of Investment

As a young, urban working professional, planning your investments from the early stages of your career is important. Not only does it help you grow your wealth steadily; but it also helps to build a financially secure future. When considering long-term investment options, you must consider real estate, especially the best residential projects in Pune, […]

Read More Investing in Real Estate: The Shift in Investment Culture

The young generation is entering the workforce and is investing in new real estate projects in Pune at a rapid pace. While previous generations may have favoured traditional investment options like stocks and mutual funds, the young generation is showing a growing preference for new real estate projects in Pune. In this blog, we’ll explore […]

Read More BEST PLACE TO INVEST IN A HOME Know How Kharadi Proves To Be the Best Place To Invest in a Home

NEIGHBOURHOOD ADORNED BY TRANQUILITY The project Zen Elite is located next to a river on one side and there happens to be a very limited number of residential developments around. As a result, you can experience complete serenity. One of the finest properties in Kharadi Pune, the quietness is well-complemented by a holistic way of […]

Read More Best Residential Projects in Kharadi Pune A Checklist to Make Kharadi Your Next Home to Live

Choosing a new home is always exciting. However, with the number of things to keep in mind can be exhaustive and confusing. Over the years, Kharadi has emerged as one of Pune’s most sought-after residential locations, with excellent connectivity to major parts of the city. If you are looking for the best residential projects in […]

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