Changing the Biological Outlook for Zen Living

Changing the Biological Outlook for Zen Living

Rivers are believed to be an integral part of a Zen life as they are not just a source of drinking water; they also offer an essential boost to the agriculture sector and add to the beauty of a town – Rome, Philadelphia, and Paris are a few examples of how rivers have boosted tourist influx. For cities where a river passes right through them, it could further open many opportunities for the tourism sector to thrive. The city of Pune could prove to be the perfect abode for Zen as it has been fortunate to have two rivers grace its soil and turn it into a beautiful city with majestic bridges standing tall as its guards. For the philosophy of Zen to be fruitful and bring peace into your lives, the river surrounding you needs to be in its purest form, so that you benefit from its numerous advantages and enjoy living a Zen life

But unfortunately, the Mula-Mutha River has been in a sad state, delaying the arrival of the Zen art of living. There are a number of causes the Pune Municipal Corporation identified for this state of the river – 

  • The river is polluted because of an incomplete sewerage network and inadequate sewage treatment.
  • The river floods because of inadequate flood protection measures 
  • The lack of public access along the entire length of the rivers makes it easy to misuse the rivers – garbage, dumping, encroachment, crime, parking, etc.
  •  The lack of clear boundaries makes it difficult to monitor the rivers

Recently, appropriate measures have been announced to clean and rejuvenate the Mula and Mutha Rivers, so that they could help the Zen art of living prosper and bring immense joy and peace to Punekars. 

In this blog, we will explore what this river rejuvenation project is, and how it will help you in living a Zen life

The Aim of the River Rejuvenation Project  – In Sync with Zen

Zen emphasizes living in a clean and unadulterated environment. And this river rejuvenation project aims at doing just that. Its aim is to keep the Mula-Mutha River clean, reduce the risk of flooding, improve the city’s access to the riverfront, and retain water. 

How does the Pune Municipal Corporation plan to keep the Mula-Mutha River clean and boost Zen living?

The Pune Municipal Corporation plans to keep the Mula-Mutha River clean by constructing new Sewage Treatment Plants, collecting 100% sewage, and releasing only treated water into the river. 

A Planned Approach to Achieve the Zen Goal – 

You must have heard of the phrase ‘Easier Said Than Done’. This turns out to be so true in the case of this river rejuvenation project where the team had to go through a rigorous process to ensure this big project successfully contributes to Zen. Here are a few basic steps the Pune Municipal Corporation had to follow –

  • Sample Collection and Analysis
  • A detailed report based on the technical research 
  • Hydrology and Hydraulics Study 
  • Meeting with the Irrigation Department and CWPRS Officials
  • Approval by CWPRS, Pune
  • Baseline Monitoring
  • Opinion Survey at Locations 
  • Consultation with Various Stakeholders 
  • Base Map Preparation
  • Project Finance 
  • Clearance from the Irrigation department
  • Final base map
  • Final EIA
  • SPV formation
  • Land transfer
  • Implementation 

The First two Phases – the foundation stone for the Zen life 

This river rejuvenation project is meticulously divided into phases. In the first two phases, the focus will be on the Sangamwadi to Bund Garden Project, and Bund Garden to Mundhwa Project. The estimated cost of these two projects is around Rs. 950 Crore. For both these projects, a 30-meter road will be constructed along the river from Naidu Sewage Treatment Plant to Mundhwa. Once this phase is completed, which is bound to happen soon, it will be a boon for Kharadi residents who wish to enjoy the Zen lifestyle. 

The Advantages that will offer a boost to the Zen art of living  – 

  • Improved boating facilities 
  • Cleaned and well-maintained riverbanks 
  • Beautification of bridges 
  • Strengthening of alternative roads
  • Religious places and heritage structures by the riverside witness more visitors due to picturesque views 
  • Existing gardens will be integrated with the riverfront project 
  • Organized eateries will reduce traffic hassles and offer Punekars a hygienic environment

Once completed, this project will metamorphose the state of the Mula-Mutha River and allure more Punekars to own a home by the riverside and bask in the Zen lifestyle. 

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