Development Plan of Kharadi’s Real Estate

Development Plan of Kharadi’s Real Estate

The real estate market is witnessing a shift with emerging technologies and markets. Homebuyer demographics are also evolving with this shift. Pune is known as the Social Capital of Maharashtra and has proved to be a rising hub for residential and commercial properties. The Kharadi location in Pune has become a recent favourite amongst Punekars. This location in East Pune has also recorded an 11% growth in property values over the last two years. Kharadi has seen a sea of change in the last few years.

In recent years, the sleepy city has risen to become a hive of activity and development in infrastructure and real estate projects. Here’s where Kharadi became one of the most important locales in Pune. A place that is surrounded by the IT sector and, after Hinjewadi, is the 2nd biggest IT hub in Pune.

Developing Infrastructure in Kharadi:

Social infrastructure is promoted and developed on a large scale, with established retail and healthcare brands dotting the Kharadi landscape. Also, the locality is surrounded by the best schools, colleges, and well-known supermarkets to add to the abundance of amenities. How to consider a location that has developed infrastructure? A developed infrastructure location is one that is surrounded by the best amenities to support a lifestyle, one that adds ease to the people who live there, and one that provides the best security and safety to stay in.

The It Sector Is Causing a Shift in Demand for Properties:

EON IT Park Kharadi Pune


The establishment of an IT hub in Kharadi following its designation as a Special Economic Zone marked the start of a new era in the region’s development. Today, Kharadi’s large IT centers have become its identity, and they have been a significant contributor to the area’s infrastructural improvement.

As a result, every major construction firm in the city and beyond has invested in some aspects of Kharadi, including massive residential townships. And the development is continuing at a rapid pace. Choose Kharadi if you want to invest in Pune, whether you are a Punekar or an outsider!

Real Estate Appreciation in Kharadi:

The region’s real estate appreciation is a significant indicator of Kharadi’s growth spree. According to industry reports, Kharadi’s capital increased by around 35% over the last decade. As a result, one can imagine the kind of growth and appreciation associated with the region, particularly in the current context, where many IT companies prefer to invest in Kharadi.

Global Companies Based in Kharadi:

Global Companies in Kharadi

Companies like Barclays Global Service Centre, New York Global Consultants, Ethereal Corporate, etc. are the big business giants who have their offices in Kharadi. It is a combination of IT and the finance sector, and MasterCard is one of the giants in the finance sector that is located near Kharadi. It is the most considered locale for you to have a global reach. This is how Kharadi developed to be the most preferred location for residential and commercial properties.

The Expansion of Commercial Properties to Boost Demand for Residential Properties:

Kharadi is known for its IT sector and has massive business giants located there. Commercial properties in Kharadi are always in demand and, as an effect, those residential properties are also in high demand. When there is a demand in the employment sector, people tend to plan a home that is convenient for them to have a proper work and personal life balance.

The Future of Real Estate in Kharadi, Pune:

Kharadi has enormous potential to become a popular residential destination. Because of its proximity to IT hubs as well as housing many prominent IT companies, it is a popular residential area, particularly among IT professionals working in the area. Furthermore, many infrastructure projects are progressing smoothly, and when completed, they will stimulate the residential real estate market. Road infrastructure built in the area has improved connectivity to Pune’s outskirts and core. When completed, the Lohegaon-Kharadi-Wagholi road will significantly improve the area’s status. Given the high demand for residential property in the area, Zen Elite has one of the best residential property in Kharadi, Pune.

Zen Elite

The future of real estate in Kharadi, Pune shines bright as Zen Elite has the best-in-class residential properties for you and your family. It is one of the best new residential projects in Kharadi, Pune that offers convenience and ultra-modern amenities all in one place. It is your chance to have a life at Kharadi, plan your future and make an informed decision!

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