How To Ensure Safe Site Visits Post Lockdown?

How To Ensure Safe Site Visits Post Lockdown?

The lockdown restrictions are lifted and every individual is eager to do all the activities planned post-lockdown. Yes, the coronavirus fear is still keeping us on hold with various sets of activities. We cannot postpone work anymore and we must step out to finish the essentials tasks of our work plans.

The government has set a lot of safety guidelines for all the businesses to follow and maintain it safely. As we are returning back to our new ‘normal life’ we all must protect ourselves by taking every possible safety measure. Ensuring health and hygiene and preventing ourselves from the pandemic is a part n parcel of our new routine now.

Homebuying Post-Coronavirus

The coronavirus pandemic lockdown must’ve put your property buying decision on hold. Also midst the pandemic you must’ve realized the need to own a property as home-owners are in a better position than a tenant.

The government is extending its additional support by relaxing the home loaners with 3 months moratorium. The EMIs will be waived off without hampering the credit score of the home loan holders. Most of the people are planning to continue with Work from Home as the corona cases are increasing every day and no one feels the environment to be secured as before.

With this buyers are getting more conscious of their purchase decision and looking out for a perfect safe residential property. The site visit is a must to take a final call for your purchase decision, while most of the other work can be done online.

You do not have to worry about a site visit anymore. Real Estate sector has also adapted to all the new changes very well caused due to the COVID-19. Let’s take a look at some practices we all can follow for a safe site visit –

Use the Arogya Setu App

Leveraging the technology, the authorities have made the best use of it to fight the pandemic and be alert by using the Aarogya Setu application. A major reason why the government is insisting to make a mandatory use of it is because of its accuracy in daily updates and current COVID-19 status in different cities.
We all must have this application installed on our phone to be alert of health conditions and also track the containment zones to avoid travelling in these areas. The application also helps to do self-assessment of your health.

Follow signs and symbols

In addition to following Social distancing, to be constantly reminded with the current norms of safety measures read the Do’s and Dont’s mentioned around you. Sanitize your hands regularly and avoid touching surfaces and cover your mouth while you sneeze or cough.



Avoid Over Interaction


In case you have stepped out for site visits or some property dealing work do remember you cant stay out for long. Do not spend long hours outside by interacting with many people. Make sure you abide by the new rules of the authorities and stick to the public health advisories. Complete your work in less time and return back safely by avoiding unnecessary interaction with outsiders.

Your safety lies in your own hands

No matter wherever you are in the current pandemic situation, your safety is totally your own responsibility. Nobody can prevent you or be there to take care of you in the current state. Practice good hygiene and take care of yourself to protect from the infection. New items added in your essentials list are sanitizers and disinfecting wipes and masks. Make constant use of these three items on a daily basis.

Avoid gatherings

It is a mandatory responsibility of all of us to avoid social gathering it doesn’t only mean social events and practice but every other gathering which involves more than five people. Before stepping out for a site visit, call your seller and book a slot. Make sure you visit the site only in the dedicated time slot provided to you. This will help you to avoid crowd gathering and solve your purpose.

To keep this show on, Mahalaxmi Zen estate, Kharadi is supporting the customers for the safe site visits. Upcoming residential projects in Kharadi, Pune are taking efficient efforts to keep the properties sanitized. All the common areas and elevators are also disinfected after regular intervals. So, don’t fret and give us a call and we will take care of your safety at our site.