Why Kharadi is The Ideal Location For a New Home in Pune?

Why Kharadi is The Ideal Location For a New Home in Pune?

There is one thing that is very important when buying a new home, and that is the location. Now if you would like to purchase a home at Kharadi, you need to know more about Kharadi and what the location offers. So why invest in a flat in Kharadi?

Kharadi is one of the new up and coming neighbourhoods of Pune and real estate in Kharadi, Pune has multiple advantages associated with it. Here are a few reasons why your next investment should be in Kharadi.

1. Close to Cosmopolitan Pune

Picture of a Mall

Kharadi is very close to most cosmopolitan and developed areas of Pune such as Viman Nagar, Kalyani Nagar, Koregaon Park, & Magarpatta. These areas of Pune are home to Pune’s elite urban class and are extremely well developed. Kharadi itself takes after these areas and is exceptionally well established and hosts the young and modern crowd coming into Pune.

These areas are home to extremely well-known restaurants of Pune, malls like Estaller Kharadi (1.9km), Phoenix Market City (5.8km), Amanora Town Centre (3km), & Seasons Mall (2.8km), and nightlife centres.

2. Accessible Metro Line and Train Station

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Kharadi is soon to get a metro connection in Phase 1 of the Pune Metro Project. Line No. 2 is going to be running from Vanaz to Ramwadi, which will make the entire neighbourhood of Kharadi accessible via public transport.

Kharadi is also extremely close to Pune Railway Junction which is the central train station of Pune. Regular trains are connecting Pune to various parts of India that operate from here.

3. Stay with the “IT Crowd”

IT Office

Kharadi is also home to the expansive EON IT Park which contains offices of multiple IT and real estate companies.

The park also has gyms, a multiplex and a 4 Acre big garden made by the PMC.

IT employees as a lifestyle end up working later than a traditional 9-5 job. Some deadlines and projects lead them to work up until late hours in the night. But they have no reason to worry as Kharadi has a bustling nightlife.

Most restaurants, pubs, and stores are open up until late hours to cater to the lifestyle of the IT employees. Most IT and BPO employees that work in EON IT Park end up residing in Kharadi as it makes their workplace extremely accessible.

Thus if you are an IT employee and have the question of why invest a flat in Kharadi it is because Kharadi as a neighbourhood is extremely convenient for your lifestyle.

4. Multiple Educational Spaces

Educational Space

Kharadi has extremely well known educational institutions for pre-primary, middle school, high school and college education. The area makes sure that not only is it convenient for the family to commute to work but also comfortable for the children to attend their school or college.

We have discussed well known educational institutions in Kharadi in a blog before. You can take a look here: https://zenrealtyindia.com/schools-pre-schools-colleges-in-kharadi/


5. Significant Property Appreciation

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One of the prime advantages of living in Kharadi is the rate of property appreciation in the area. 

Real estate projects in Kharadi Pune have seen a property capital appreciation of almost 35% during the last few years. According to prop tiger, in the first quarter of 2008, the price for residential property was Rs 3525 per sq ft. Soon it rose to Rs 5200 per sq ft by the first quarter of 2013.

The average property prices in the area hover around Rs 5900 to Rs. 6300 per sq ft. Which means that your investment will see significant returns in a few years.

Listed above are a few of the many advantages of living in Kharadi. It is proving itself to be a prime real estate location and definitely is worth considering especially for young families and first-time homebuyers.

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