Kharadi – The Epicentre of Life!

Kharadi – The Epicentre of Life!

Won’t it feel like a blessing to be surrounded by everything that a modern living aspiration asks for? Imagine walking with your loved ones to lifestyle experiences, shopping malls, theatres and indulging in joyous events whenever you want. Above all, what could match a stroll back home from office to your family in no time. That’s how we are building something for you to relish everyday joy of living in the heart of Pune – at Kharadi.


Kharadi Pune

Kharadi area is a strategic location in the north-eastern belt of Pune which hosts the historic – Mula Mutha river. The area started gaining special recognition post the city of Pune gained tier 1 city recognition in 2011. In 2014, with the arrival of EON IT Park Kharadi, the region bloomed with numerous businesses from various sectors.

An increase in employment rate of Kharadi attracted people from across the nation and eventually resulted into demand for more homes and business centres in Kharadi. Since then, the area has been welcoming ventures and people from various parts of the globe influencing Kharadi future development. The development quotient of Kharadi in spite of being high, has not reached its saturation point.

And the reason to that lies in the pages of the past. In its early days, Kharadi was an agricultural hub which is the reason the area still has open patches. This invites breezy calmness all over and makes evenings here beautifully tranquil. Which is also the reason real estate Kharadi is growing at an unprecedented pace.

Surrounding Areas

Kharadi Lifestyle

Kharadi is surrounded by Pune’s thriving hotspots such as Kalyani Nagar, Viman Nagar, Hadapsar and Koregaon Park. These areas are full with exquisite lifestyle experiences such as restaurants, lounges, clubs, and cafes. The area also has numerous wellbeing facilities such as yoga centres, wellbeing centres, fitness clubs, and adventure indulgences. Seamless road connectivity from Kharadi to these areas ensure easy access to countless experiences whenever you want.



The area of Kharadi has been a host to numerous businesses from across the globe. The presence of EON IT Park has glorified the significance of Kharadi. The park is sprawled on a 45 acre land parcel and is a dome for IT bigwigs like Wipro, Reliance, Synechron, Eaton, Credit Suisse, Zensar, Symantec and Vodafone. The area also hosts business centres such as World Trade Centre and Cerebrum IT Park which also has various renowned offices under its roof.

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Lifestyle Experiences

A wholesome living experience comprises of various life enriching experiences. For some it could be indulging in fitness activities, for some, it could be chilling by the bar on a Saturday evening. And there’s nothing which one cannot find here in Kharadi. The area is loaded with lifestyle experiences all across. Be it top restaurants, cafes, clubs, fitness zones, everything is well in reach.

Educational & Healthcare Facilities

Educational & Healthcare Facilities

When it comes to enrolling children into a good educational institute, one looks for the best options around. And when it is Kharadi, you will be happy to encounter several good options for your little champs. The area hosts some renowned schools which can be your child’s gateway to his/her dreams. Also, the area is being empowered by adequate healthcare sustenance through various healthcare brands. Be it regular check-ups or emergency needs, the venue has everything for you to live carefree.

With everything in place for you to relish life at its best, all you need is a perfect abode. Considering all the above parameters, we at Zen are bringing you something truly mesmerizing. Zen Elite is a premium residential premise in Kharadi with 50+ lifestyle amenities, modern Zen style architecture, and truly peaceful homes. Now indulge in your favourite recreational activities and rediscover yourself every day. How is Kharadi area in Pune gets addressed through this project. There are various real estate projects in Kharadi Pune, but Zen Elite can be your dream abode for peaceful living. Get in touch today!