Vastu Tips Every New Homeowner Should Know

Vastu Tips Every New Homeowner Should Know

“Vaastu” means ‘dwelling place’ and “Shastra” means rules; hence Vastu Shastra is a set of rules that illustrates how to build/construct our dwelling places or places where we live and spend time in order to positively harness energies from the five elements of nature – Sky, Air, Fire, Earth and Water.

It is a highly evolved and tested architectural science. It revolves around various core scientific principles and years of architectural knowledge. If you wish to purchase a Vastu compliant home, then you should definitely keep in mind the following Vastu tips for new and old homes so that you can bring peace, prosperity and wellness into your home and get rid of evil and bad energy.

With these free Vastu tips, you will be able to design your new home according to the core tenets of Vastu or renovate your old home with style and care.

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Top 9 Vastu Tips for new home

Vastu Shastra Tips For New Home

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  1. In case of a row house or villa – Consider the area of the plot, soil, and directions of the entrance to tie positive and negative energies from the start.
  2.  The north or north-east side of the home should be open, and construction should be on the south or south-west side of the home/vicinity.
  3. Landscaping should be in such a way that the north or north-east portion should be low and the south-west quadrant should be higher than the other portions.
  4. Try to buy a house or build a home, which has an entry from the north-east direction.
  5. While planning the home architecture, make sure that the master bedroom is in the south-west zone.
  6. Similarly, when the kitchen is in the south-east zone, it brings the maximum health benefits to family members.
  7. Keep all the religious activities and temple in the north-east, east or north of the house.
  8. For the guest room or drawing-room, the north-west zone is the ideal direction.
  9. The basement row house (if building) should be in the north or north-east zone.

It is quite difficult to get a premise that is 100% Vastu shastra compliant, but following these tips can apply powerful statements and make your premise positive by removing the Vastu doshas.




Top 9 Vastu Tips for old home


Vastu Shastra Tips For an Old Home


    1. A wind chime with metal balls can be placed on the windows grill or pipe of any room. It brings a soothing tinkling sound and destroys the negative energy.
    2. To bring the positive energy in your home, light Diyas or incense candles every day in the morning and evening and keep them near Tulsi or in the balcony.
    3. The walls of the room can be painted with pleasing and light colours like white, yellow, or beige to ensure a pleasant and welcoming ambience in this spiritual room.
    4. Set up the spiritual room in a way so that while meditating or praying, every person will face the east direction.
    5. Heavy furniture like sofa, couch, or divan can be placed on the south-west corner to give, while the electronic appliances can go in the south-east section of the living or common room.
    6. The mirror in the bedroom should be placed in a way that it doesn’t reflect your bed.
    7. Ensure that the bed (in the bedroom) is placed in the south-west corner of the room and you sleep with your head pointed towards the west direction.
    8. Have a bird feeder in the North-Western part of the house to attract money in the house.
    9. The bookshelf should be placed in the East, North or North-East.

At The Bottom

The Vastu Shastra is the ancient Indian science of architecture (from Vedas) which lays down rules for better relationships, better environment, financial & academic growth through proper construction of the home, placement of furniture, spacing, colours, and positions. The tips mentioned above are not confined just to the construction of homes and offices but extend to the construction of shops, centres, spiritual places, etc.

It is to remember that the rules of Vastu Shastra have a profound effect on one’s relationships. It lays emphasis on the appropriate selection of directions within space/structure since each direction has a unique effect on a person’s personal relationship. For example, properly selecting the south-east direction in your home will lead to a happy married life or reduce a person’s marital problems.

So don’t ignore these Vastu shastra tips for a new home and have a happy and fulfilled life.

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