Which Are The Best Paying Guests or Hostels In And Near Kharadi?

Which Are The Best Paying Guests or Hostels In And Near Kharadi?

Blessed are those who get a seat in college’s hostels. And even luckier are those who get comfortable and affordable accommodation while moving to a new city. But what about the rest? Here the ‘rest’ category is quite large. For this category, one option ins to settle with whatever they find and the second is to look for a good PG.

Yes, we are talking about ‘paying guests’. Its definition in India is slightly distorted. Because in a country of 1.3 billion people, some native adaptations are inevitable. PG system has become a business in metro cities. From individuals to large organisations have entered the market. And only because of these companies the market has become quite organised, rates have been settled, and new pars have been set with modern amenities.

In this blog, you will find all the necessary information regarding the best-paying guest in Kharadi. So whether you are a student or a working professional, this blog will help you find your temporary abode with ease.

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1. Zolo Stays

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Zolo has three properties in Kharadi – Zolo Horizon, Zolo Altius and Zolo Willows. Zolo has literally redefined the living experience for students and singles in India. With top-notch amenities, security and ultra-affordable pricing, Zolo has captured the market with a storm. You will find fully furnished homes, wifi, housekeeping, food and a lot more without any owner’s interference.

So what are you waiting for visit the website and explore your options: https://zolostays.com/

2. Nestaway


Nestaway has more than ten properties in Kharadi. But it is second on our list for a reason. The Cost! When everything (Rent, electricity, maintenance, wifi, food, etc.) is summed, the cost of living at Nestaway homes is quite higher than the Zolo Stays. But what you get in return is less crowded space, more privacy and more independence.

Here is the link where you search for Nestaway properties: https://www.nestaway.com/

3. Royal PG

Royal Homes Kharadi

Royal Homes made into our list for two reasons- Low deposit and good food. Other than these, all other amenities are similar to the ones mentioned above. They do have a separate cleaning staff so you can expect good hygiene standards from the facility.

Visit this website to know more about the Royal Homes in Kharadi: http://www.royalhomespgkharadi.com/

4. Oyo Life


Oyo Life can become an obvious choice for those who are searching for paying guest accommodation in Kharadi Pune with their partners. Only Oyo life allows co-living (Not all properties). Here you can bargain on rent and find some good low rent property options. All in all, it’s a good deal if you are searching for a hostel outside the college premises.

Visit https://www.oyolife.in/ for more information.

5. Stanza Living

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If you are willing to move a little away from Kharadi area and are comfortable to explore nearby neighbourhoods than Stanza Living properties will undoubtedly impress you. Stanza Living has four properties in Wagholi and one in Viman Nagar- Manisa House, White Heaven House, Kingston House, Ripon Hosue, and Sonoma House. All properties provide ample amenities for comfortable living.

Visit https://www.stanzaliving.com/pg-in-kharadi for more details.


At The Bottom

There are plenty of options for paying guest accommodation near Kharadi Pune. But not all provide good amenities, security and hygiene. Sometimes owners misbehave, interfere in personal lives, keep deposit against will, increase unnecessary rent, etc. And these times make you question your stay. So to avoid these situations prefer organised stays by companies which are experienced and value their tenants stay.

Do thorough research before finalising any property, visit the location, talk to existing tenants personally, ask in the neighbourhood, ask the guard and most importantly negotiate.

We hope these PGs will make you stay in Kharadi comfortable. If not, then you can always buy your own house. Just pay some deposit and convert rent into EMIs. So if this sounds feasible to you then explore Zen Estate Kharadi.

Zen Estate offers riverside 2 & 3 BHK homes built for peace and tranquillity. It is a flagship project of Mahalaxmi group, and it has also been awarded as the ‘best residential project of the year 2020’ by Times Reality.

Now don’t waste any more time. Visit https://zenrealtyindia.com/zen-estate/ and get all the details about the project. Don’t forget to watch the testimonials to see what the existing customers have to say about Zen Estate.