Zen Estate Kharadi – Best Quality Living in Pune

Zen Estate Kharadi – Best Quality Living in Pune

Investing in a residential real estate project is no small deal. Such investments often claim a lion’s share of the savings an individual makes throughout his/her life. Often this savings is not enough. This is when a person has to avail for home loans. Hence buying and investing in a real estate property must be done with care. Especially when you intend to make the property your residential destination, there are several aspects that must be borne in mind.

A home is made for a lifetime. You do not change your home every now and then. Hence a long term planning is more than imperative which will not only include the facilities and amenities provided by the property but also the features and the advantages of the location as a whole.

Pune real estate market



Pune is one of the major cities of India. Within Maharashtra this is one of the cities that have experienced a steady rate of development in the past years. The real estate market in Pune has always been rather encouraging. The skyline of the city has witnessed the emergence of a wide assortment of projects in different categories.

This means that the builders and the real estate developers have equally balanced their focus between residential and commercial projects. For ages now Pune has been considered as one of the safest havens for the construction industry and the Pune real estate market has been the most robust in the entire country.

Pune real estate market post pandemic

The Novel Coronavirus have hit the Indian market early in 2020. Every aspect of the national economy has been affected by this new pandemic. Just like any other industry or economy segment, even the real estate industry has taken a real serious hit. This is easily reflected on the performance of the Pune real estate market. It is true that the industry as compared to its earlier vibrant times is definitely witnessing a slowing down of business, yet in no way can it be considered to be completely statement going to covid-19.

Developers, stakeholders and channel partners are quite sure that this is just a temporary phase and the real estate industry in Pune is going to witness a much better future in the coming time. For the time being the real estate developers are focusing on completing the project that they have commenced and have begun as of now.

Zen Estate Kharadi


Zen Estate Kharadi


The Mahalaxmi Group is one of the premium real estate developers in Pune have brought the Zen Estate Kharadi as one of their major projects trying to amalgamate the best of all worlds. The estate is situated on the banks of the Mula Mutha River flowing through the eastern suburbs of Pune. The project is not only benefited from the multiple advantages of the Kharadi location but owners of properties in this project can also enjoy pristine and heavenly view of the riverside ahead of them.

Zen estate Kharadi is a project which has tried to offer a broad portfolio of choices of 2 BHK and 3 BHK in Kharadi with a string of other inbuilt features within the project. In addition to this Kharadi happens to be one of the most popular localities of Pune that offers a vast expanse of incredible features which can only add to the lifestyle quality of property owners there.

Positive aspects of Zen Estate Kharadi

The number of positive aspects you can enjoy from the Mahalaxmi Zen Estate Kharadi is really quite numerous. A quick look through them will help you understand the high popularity of the project and why the experts of the trade have stated this project to be one of the high end residential real estate projects of Pune.


1. Great lifestyle facilities

As mentioned earlier Zen Estate Kharadi has tried to incorporate all the features and facilities which can offer a super luxurious and comfortable lifestyle to the property owners there. This is exactly why the properties in this project are spacious with a modern architecture and a cluster of other features like a superior security system.


2. Super connectivity

The region of Kharadi enjoys great connectivity with the rest of the city. Although the area is on the outskirts of the main city of Pune it has been greatly developed in the current time. People living in this area enjoy a great connectivity through a well laid network of roads and highways that connects to other important forms of Pune. The public transport system available in this area is once again very efficient. Naturally, property owners in Zen estate can be highly benefited by this location feature.


3. Fantastic location features

Kharadi also has a number of other amenities like some of the best schools and colleges in the area, local market places, lavish shopping mall, multiplex, great Healthcare institutions. All of this put together can offer a super comfortable and convenient lifestyle to property owners here.


4. Vaastu friendly properties

The flat has been built with the science of vaastu in mind so that the architecture can attract positive energy and can drive away evil and negative energy from the homes. This feature can come as a huge mental support to buyers who are highly invested in the science of vaastu.


5. A lucrative financial scheme


Zen Estate Project Amenities


The Mahalaxmi Group through its scheme of khushiyon Ka Swagat is offering a lucrative financial scheme through which a good amount of the flat value or price is reduced to accommodate buyers who are investing in a residential real estate project for the very first time in the life. This is taken so that the group can accommodate broader spectrum of buyers for the project.


A great deal

Without a doubt it can be said that the Zen Estate Kharadi offers a vast collection of benefits for the investors in this project. It has tried to include as many benefits as possible to extend the most comfortable and convenience rich lifestyle to the property owners in this region. The returns on investment on these properties are sure to be high.