Which Are The Best Music and Dance Classes In And Near Kharadi?

Which Are The Best Music and Dance Classes In And Near Kharadi?

Imagine an ordinary workday of yours, but without any music. Not listening to any songs on your way to work, and no motivational music to help you power through your workout; Not a very pleasant thought, is it? We have all come to realise the importance of music as well as dance in our lives and how they exist not only for entertainment, but also help inculcate discipline and take care of your physical and mental health. Music helps the soul to achieve peace and tranquillity.

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Dance Institutions :-

1. S2 Dance Academy


If you want a fun way to stay fit, S2 Dance Academy is the best place for you. They offer a wide variety of classes for dance lovers who want to learn different dance styles like Hip-hop, Bollywood, Jazz, and many more. They also have Zumba, making it one of the best Zumba dance classes in Kharadi, Pune. Some of their top reviewers online laud their professionalism and call their classes fun.

Address: 207, Lunkad Skymax Mall, Datta Mandir Chowk, Viman Nagar, Pune: 411014

Phone No.: 9923391639

Website: http://www.S2danceacademy.com

Google Rating: 4.3/5 (14 reviews)

2. Flames School of Dance

Flames School of Dance

Flames School of Dance is one of the few dance classes in Kharadi that take children as young as 3-years old. The institute provides classes for a wide range of styles from Kathak to Salsa, & from Gymnastics to Rumba. It Is renowned for its kathak dance classes in Kharadi, Pune With reviews stating the classes to be perfect for beginners, having polite trainers and great company, Flames School of Dance is a great place to begin your dance journey.

Address: 16B, 3rd floor, Royal Towers, above Shree Krishna Veg Court, Viman Nagar, Pune: 411014

Phone No.: 9049900088

Website: www.flamesacademy.in

Google Rating: 4.1/5 (33 reviews)

3. Studio 19 Dance and Fitness Centre

Zumba Dance Classes In Kharadi Pune

Image Source: https://www.facebook.com/pages/category/Dance-Studio/Studio19-dance-and-fitness-academy-1836696903236774/

Founded in the year 2017, Studio19 Dance And Fitness Centre is amongst the revered academies for dance. With a team of highly trained dancers, they conduct classes for various dance forms including B-Boying, Locking Popping, Zumba, Kathak, Salsa, Contemporary and Hula Hoop. Catering to almost all age groups, there are special batches for kids at this dance studio. One can also avail professional choreography for events like weddings, corporate events, school functions and college festivals. With a perfect rating of 5/5, it can truly be called one of the best dance classes in Kharadi, Pune.

Address: A-18, Second Floor, City Vista, Fountain Road, Opp. Victorious Kids Educare, Kharadi, Pune: 411014

Phone No.: 9923902237

Google Rating: 5/5 (222 reviews)

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Music Institutions:-

1.Collective Strings Music Academy

Music Classes Near Kharadi

A one-stop-shop for all your music needs, from professional-level classes to musical instruments available for purchase. Collective Strings Music Academy also provides online classes. With a reviewer calling the environment of the academy ‘amazing’, and several online reviews praising the faculty and the academy, it truly becomes one of the best music classes in Kharadi, Pune.

Address: Ground floor, Zuzarts Villa, St. Anthony Colony, Mundhwa Shalimar Society, Pune: 411036

Phone No.: 9152187019

Website: https://collective-strings.business.site/

Google Rating: 5/5 (6 reviews)

2. Trinity Music Academy

Affiliated to Trinity College, London, Trinity Music Academy is one of the top music classes in Kharadi. The academy facilitates classes for various instruments, also conducting graded exams to help people pursue their passion in music professionally.

Address: Plot No. 104, Gulmohar Galaxy, Near Kailash Super Market, Viman Nagar, Pune – 411014

Phone No.: 91528 39778

Google Rating: 4.3/5 (3 reviews)

3. Achievers Music Academy

Best Music Classes Near Kharadi

Image Source: https://www.facebook.com/achieversrocks/

Providing classes for learning guitar, keyboard, vocals, and more, Achievers Music Academy is one of the most highly rated music classes in Kharadi. Its reviewers call it a ‘complete’ music learning experience with additional focus on aspects like team coordination and team-spirit.

Address: 3, Anand Vidya Niketan High School Rd, Konark Nagar, Clover Park, Viman Nagar, Pune: 411014

Phone No.: 9371111124

Website: www.achieversmusic.com

Google Rating: 4.7/5 (488 reviews)

With these awe-inspiring dance and music classes in and near Kharadi, we’re sure you can’t wait to get on your feet and groove or pick up your guitar and rock. This plethora of classes gives you the chance to build on the talent inside you and even pursue your true passion.

So get grooving!

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