Enjoy Leisure Time With These Top 5 Entertainment Spots in Kharadi

Enjoy Leisure Time With These Top 5 Entertainment Spots in Kharadi

One of the many reasons why the location of Kharadi is one of the favourites among homebuyers is the number of entertainment Spots in Kharadi one can indulge in and make the most of their free time on weekends and weekdays alike. While residential projects in Kharadi have greatly benefitted from an array of other advantages such as quick connectivity, proximity to IT firms, state-of-the-art social and civic infrastructure, etc., the entertainment quotient of Kharadi certainly adds to its value and results in steady price appreciation of new properties in Kharadi Pune.

If you too are looking for new properties in Kharadi Pune, and wish to know how this fabulous location could make your weekends more fun, this blog is for you. Let’s explore the top 5 entertainment spots in Kharadi.

Butterfly Trampoline Park – First Ever Trampoline Park With a Dance Floor in Pune


Butterfly Trampoline Park

(Image Source: Butterfly Trampoline Park (Google Business))

One of the most enticing entertaining spots in Kharadi, this trampoline park gives you unrestricted access to Trampolines, Climbing Wall and Foam Pit for as little as Rs. 490 per hour on weekdays, and Rs 590 per hour on special days. Situated in proximity to residential projects in Kharadi, Butterfly Trampoline Park has exciting games such as Takashi’s Castle, Ball Jumper
Crash bag, Wrecking Ball and more. If you are looking for entertaining spots in Kharadi that are simply perfect for kids and adults alike, this is the best place to hang out on weekends.

Here’s the complete address and contact details –
Butterfly Trampoline Park – Kharadi (Pune)
HX39+RJJ, Upper Kharadi Main Rd, Chokhi Dhani, Pune, Maharashtra 412207

Looking for Entertainment Spots in Kharadi? Head to Phoenix MarketCity


Phoenix Market City

(Image Source: Phoenix Market City (Google Business))

If you wish to visit a mall that offers you much more beyond the usual retail therapy, this mall situated in proximity to the residential projects in Kharadi emerges as the best weekend destination for you. It’s not just a shopping paradise that is home to national and international brands, but it also offers you an array of entertainment options. From a multi-screen state-of-the-art movie theatre for movie buffs to a gaming zone for adrenaline seekers and a food court with a plethora of delectable cuisine options, Phoenix MarketCity offers you everything you are looking for in the entertainment spots in Kharadi. If you are looking for a project in Kharadi, this mall has to be on the top of your weekend plans list.

Hill View Point – One of the Best Entertaining Spots in Kharadi for Nature Lovers


Hill Station

Set amidst vast expanse of greenery and dense trees, this Hill View Point situated near residential projects in Kharadi is a treat for the seekers of natural beauty. If you are looking for a short hiking adventure that could be completed in a few hours, this would be an ideal weekend spot for you. Enjoy mesmerising views of the cityscape on one side and sheer natural beauty on the other from the top, and bask in the pure happiness these natural wonders bring to you.

Address: SR no. 76/04, Dwarakai Mauli, Jagtap Nagar, Maharashtra 411040, India

Bhivaji Ravji Galande Udyan

Kharadi Garden

Situated in Vadgaon Sheri, at a short distance from new properties in Kharadi Pune, this is one of the best entertaining spots in Kharadi if you are looking for a garden with an open playground, jogging track and vast open spaces. What makes this garden near residential projects in Kharadi is the magnificent space it provides for you to play sports such as cricket and football with your friends and family. This place is also one of the most preferred entertainment spots in Kharadi for the senior citizens who wish to enjoy a chatting session with their like-minded friends and spend some quality time amidst greens.

Address: GWWJ+8CJ, Tukaram Nagar, Kharadi, Pune, Maharashtra 411014

Osho International Meditation Resort

If you wish to find a place oozing with tranquillity, this meditation resort situated near new properties in Kharadi Pune is your best option. Osho International Meditation resort rejuvenates your body and soul, and shows you the way towards peaceful living. You will fall in love with the lush gardens here, feel at peace at the meditation centres, and benefit greatly with the holistic therapies.

Zen Elite

If you are looking for new properties in Kharadi Pune that place you in proximity to the best entertainment spots in Kharadi, take a look at Zen Elite. This development of premium 2 BHKs is touted as one of the best residential projects in Kharadi, and takes pride in its Zen Way of Life. Situated right opposite EON IT Park, this project in Kharadi offers you the perfect work-life balance. In addition, you will also relish a top-notch lifestyle here with 50+ world-class features.

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