Is It the Right Time to Invest in the Zen Estate Residential Project in Kharadi?

Is It the Right Time to Invest in the Zen Estate Residential Project in Kharadi?

Pune is a city full of possibilities and dreams. Every year, a growing number of individuals from all across the country visit this city. As a result of this expanding influx, there is a greater demand for new residential constructions. Kharadi, one of the city’s most vibrant neighbourhoods, is a true game-changer in terms of residential development. It has a diverse range of social and economic projects, all of which are backed up by strong infrastructure and outstanding connectivity.

All these benefits make Kharadi the perfect investment destination for families and investors. But, is it the right time to invest in Kharadi? In this blog, you will find solid reasons why this is the perfect time for real estate investment.

When compared to the previous few years, interest rates are at an all-time low. As a result, there hasn’t been a better time in Indian real estate in decades for interested buyers. The burden of OOH marketing has been lifted, and it is now shining brightly on the appealing payment programmes and deals being offered by real estate developers around the country.

Also, unlike in earlier years, now buyers can get completely de-risked, ready-to-move-in homes at prices that previously fetched only early-stage under-construction properties.


Sounds Interesting? Here Are a Few More Reasons for You to Invest Big in This Season:


A. Government Incentives

PMAY Scheme

Some time ago, the Indian government introduced the PMAY scheme and several other incentives for first-time homebuyers to promote affordable housing.You can benefit from this scheme and save about 2.65 lacs.

In addition, the government has ensured that the dream of inexpensive housing does not remain a dream for home buyers by giving interest discounts on home loans and lowering taxes on under-construction buildings. State governments like Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh have reduced registration charges temporarily to boost the real estate market. From this also, you can benefit from saving upto 5 lacs.


B. Rock Bottom Prices

Prices are already low; don’t anticipate them to drop any lower because they won’t. Developers are giving units with the lowest profit margins and attractive sales incentives such as a gold coin, no GST, and so on. Prices will not fall any further due to a stable central government and a shift in market mood, leaving you with the conclusion that now is the time to take advantage of the chance.


C. Festive Season Offers

Everyone knows that the holiday season is an excellent time to buy a home. Developers and financial institutions are offering amazing offers and discounts, and the government is assisting with several tax exemptions.

Real estate developers first encountered uneven sales because of Covid and quarantines, which resulted in massive inventory pile-ups, declining revenue flows, and cost overruns. Now, these developers are anxious to sell the product and offer customers unique bargains and offers. From direct discounts to GST waivers, from branded fittings to gold coins, from lower borrowing rates to refundable sums, these appealing price proposals are too good to pass on.

Now that you know why it is the best time to invest in real estate, you should be thinking of where to invest. We have the answer – Zen Estate, Kharadi.


Zen Estate, Kharadi



The Mahalaxmi Group’s Zen Estate is a symbol of modern, everyday living. Mahalaxmi Group has been influential in transforming the dynamics of East Pune with its state-of-the-art real estate development since its establishment in 2010. Zen Estate, a premise of luxury 2 and 3 BHKs with 15+ lifestyle amenities such as a swimming pool, yoga meditation deck, clubhouse, open gym, buffet area, amphitheatre, multipurpose court, and more, has already attracted 300+ families.

The project is happy to offer serene riverfront residences that mix excellent architecture, distinctive design, utmost utility, and a reasonable price. Zen Estate Kharadi has already received two big prizes for its tranquil ambience and vitality.

  1. Residential Complex of the Year 2020 (12th Reality + Excellence Awards)
  2. Mid Segment Project of the Year (West) 2020

The project’s dynamics, usefulness, and worth are reflected in these accolades. Zen Estate, located near Kharadi-Mundhwa Road, is an exceptional residential property that offers spacious residences with world-class amenities. This is the place to go if you’re looking for a dream house or an investment opportunity. Invest in Zen Estate Kharadi, one of the best residential projects in Kharadi Pune and see your money rise quickly.

Ok. So we know that you liked the Zen Estate project. It has all the amenities and value pricing you were looking for. But is Kharadi the perfect neighbourhood for investment right now?


The answer is Yes! Here are the reasons:


Kharadi – The Well-Connected Suburb Of Eastern Pune

Kharadi Pune


Kharadi has attracted a lot of attention from people looking for the best connectivity, the most desirable social infrastructure, and a cosmopolitan neighbourhood at a price that seems too good to be true.

Kharadi, which is located along Pune’s eastern corridor, is home to a number of well-known IT hubs and commercial parks, which is why IT professionals are flocking to every available residential space in the area.

Moreover, Kharadi has a number of other amenities, such as good quality schools, colleges, and other educational institutions, great healthcare organisations, a variety of entertainment opportunities, and high-quality lifestyle elements, to name a few.


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Final Word

Previously, people had to save their entire lives to buy a property, but now, with third-party assistance, a consumer can own their dream home even before they age 40. And, with today’s developers giving a number of appealing options, the dream of owning a home could be realised before the age of 30.

Real estate developers and aggregators will embrace new technologies to make the sector more convenient and profitable for future customers. So, why wait for the appropriate moment when your timing is ideal for real estate investing?

Come to Zen Estate for the premium riverside 3 BHK and 2 BHK flats in Kharadi and get a peaceful life forever.