Why Should I invest in a Residential Property in Kharadi Pune?

Why Should I invest in a Residential Property in Kharadi Pune?

At the time of selecting a residential real estate project, most people focus on the aspects of the plan of the project, the design of the flat/apartment, the in-built facilities, price per square feet of the floor, etc. Amidst these entire aspects one thing that they forget quite easily is to explore and find out more about the area where the project is based.

Residential real estate is more than investments. They are your future home. Considering a person does not change their home every second year, such residential real estate projects must be bought with a lot of future planning. This is the place where you will live for the rest of your (in every probability) and will raise your family in every possible manner. This is exactly why the location makes a huge difference.

Five reasons to that make Kharadi a great location to invest in


If you are wondering where in Pune you can find all these facilities and amenities, it is time you turned your attention to Kharadi. The region of Kharadi has witnessed the emergence of several such projects, which is why there is an abundance of residential real estate projects in Kharadi Pune. If you are still wondering for reasons which will substantiate your decision of investing in a project in this area simply read on.


1. Great connectivity


Easy Connectivity Area In Pune


One of the biggest benefits of Kharadi location is its wonderful connectivity to the other parts of the city. The area has one of the best layouts of roads and highways that not only connects to other parts of Pune but also connects well with the national highway that leads to the city of Mumbai. Naturally people living in this area can avail the solid public transport system to avail to all the other parts of the city.


2. Super amenities


If you are looking for more reasons that will help you make a choice when faced with the question is Kharadi good for investment – you must take a close look at the host of facilities you can enjoy when you are in this position. Good schools, colleges, other education facilities, shopping malls, local markets, multiplexes, hospitals, etc are available within a very close distance in Kharadi. Further the area is quite close to the city’s airport and railway station. All of these features can assure the property owners a very comfortable life here.


3. Close by IT hubs


Kharadi - Everything you will ever need to know - Kharadi IT Park


Kharadi is situated at a close by distance from the IT hubs of the city. This means that the region is rather conducive for dwelling for the It professionals who are working in some of the top notch brands of the city. The close by IT offices will ensure minimum travel for the employees who will help them balance their work life better.


4. Huge scope of development in the future


It is not only true that Kharadi as a region has witnessed some potential development and happens to be one of the premium urban locations in Pune, but what is even better is that the region still has a lot of potential of development. This is one of the main reasons why you can look for residential property in Kharadi Pune. It will ensure that you invest in a property whose comfort and convenience features will only grow and maximize in the coming years.


5. Elite neighborhood


Owing to the large number of benefits and facilities available in the Kharadi region, a large number of real estate developers and builders have invested in colossal or giant scale residential real estate projects. These projects in time have attracted a huge volume of buyers who have bought properties here and have settled here with their families.

Over a course of time the place have turned out to be one of the most important residential areas of Pune supported by availability of It hubs, markets, entertainment facilities, educational institutes and so much more. No wonder it is considered to be one of the most elite neighborhoods in the city.




Zen Estate Kharadi


Having discussed all the benefits and advantages of buying a residential real estate property in Kharadi it is time we talked about one of the projects in the region which is considered to be one of the most premium projects of Pune – the Mahalaxmi Zen Estate Kharadi. This is a project from the esteemed Mahalaxmi and Kohinoor Group which has imbibed several advantageous points, offering a golden deal to the prospectus buyers.


Zen Estate Kharadi


Great in-built features


The Zen Estate Kharadi is a residential real estate project that has tried to imbibe a great number of features and amenities within the project itself. Here there is some sort of attraction for people of various ages. There is a gym, a swimming pool, great parking space, jogger’s area, senior citizen’s zone, children’s’ playground, ace security measures and so much more. All these features and more ensure that you have a rather comfortable and convenient life in this project.


Super quality architecture


One of the biggest advantages of buying a property in this project is that you can avail great quality architecture in this project. If you take a look at the other completed projects from these real estate developers you will see that the quality of architecture and the finished product they provide to their customers is always of top most quality.


Great ROI


As an investment Zen Estate Kharadi is a project which is sure to have a great ROI (return on investment). Owners of this property will always witness an escalating price for their properties here. This is one of the main attributes which answers the question why invest in a flat in Kharadi is a great decision? To add to the benefits of the location Zen Estate is offering a string of elite in-built features to their customers.


Encouraging pricing policy


As an added benefit Zen Estate Kharadi also brings its customers a favorable pricing policy which can assist people who are buying such properties for the very first time in their lives.