2021’s Guide To Starting Your In-House Balcony Garden

2021’s Guide To Starting Your In-House Balcony Garden

Gardening is a hobby for many. As pointed out by doctors, it is one of the best exercises that can keep your mind and body healthy, active and happy. Long happy hours of blissful toil in your garden can help you get rid of numerous physical and psychological problems. It helps to keep your body and mind fresh. Soon after when you begin reaping the fruits of your labor from your kitchen or otherwise garden your joy and contentment often knows no bounds. It has been suggested that gardening once again is one of the best medicines for clinical depression, anxiety and boredom. It can be one of the most effective stress busters for anybody.

Current lockdown situation

Covid 19 lockdown

The year 2020 has been unprecedented in so many ways. The world has never known anything like the Novel Coronavirus or covid-19. The flames of this pandemic have taken the entire world within its destructive clutches and have rendered life before its advent as completely irrelevant in the present era. In the face of the current situation the global population has been locked away in their homes away from their friends, associates, office colleagues, school and college friends and sometimes even their own family members.

Common problems of lockdown situation

In such a situation a considerable percentage of the global population is struggling with different types of psychological problems. Depression, anxiety, frustration and stress have become some of the most common problems of people of every age. This is why doctors are suggesting different ways to stay healthy and happy during lockdown. Even in the present situation it has been suggested that gardening happens to be a fairly beneficial way of staying in high spirits.

How can you still keep yourself happy and healthy?

Gardening In Balcony

In the opening of the discussion it has been mentioned that gardening is one of the most favorable ways of maintaining a happy heart and healthy body. This has definitely not changed during the lockdown or post the lockdown period. Even now gardening happens to be one of the most productive things to do during lockdown. It helps to keep your body agile and your mind diverted from negative thoughts. This is an activity which can be easily taken up by people of any and every age. Men, women and children can indulge in gardening during pandemic to maintain a healthy lifestyle and happy mind.



Where to begin

How to Start Gardening In Home Balcony

There is a common notion that if you wish to indulge into gardening then you must live in a palatial bungalow with a sprawling space both in the front and the backyard of your house. This is a complete misconception. In the current times and space crunch is a problem experienced by almost every household, very few of us can afford to live in such a magnum opus mansion. However, does that mean we cannot indulge in gardening? Certainly not! You can always carry on with your gardening activities in your in house balcony garden. Different types of tubs and containers are available in the market which can be filled up with good quality fertile rich soil so that you can get down with your happy task of sowing in all your desired plants.

How can gardening help?

Home Gardening

Taking care of plants is a full time job. You must take care of different aspects like when to water them, when to apply for fertilizers, when to apply the solution that will keep away insects, etc. Your mind will remain diverted towards a positive element. This can help you to keep up with the gloomy ambience during the lockdown. As a small piece of advice, even if you need to be abreast with the current news, sometimes this news can be very depressing. Gardening can effectively keep you away from such dull and negative information.

Easy home gardening tips

Having said that, if you are wondering the best way of going about doing gardening during lockdown, simply read the following tips for a beautiful and flourishing balcony Garden.


Choose the correct spot

One of the most important tips to be borne in mind for doing balcony gardening is to select the right spot for the purpose. Begin with a small portion where you can leave just a couple of tubs. In fact, choose the corner that gets ample amount of sunlight for 5-6 hours in a day. Do not select a windy spot as that can harm your budding plants.


Stick to a single type

To begin with do not be too adventurous from the very beginning. As essential home gardening tips India sticks to any single type of gardening. Either go for flower gardening or Vegetable gardening alone in the very beginning of your gardening venture.


Look out for proper soil

It is very important that you get the right kind of soil for your balcony garden. At the time of buying the soil from professionals in the market always look into the texture of the soil. It must be easy to shovel and crumble with your hands. Loose soil is much more beneficial for healthy growth of plants. Stay away from sticky and heavy soil.


Buy the right tools

Gardening is a highly specialized job. Hence it is important to choose the right kind of tools for it. You will require a wide variety of brands in the market making these tools. Again a good variety is needed for the comprehensive task of gardening. You must do some good amount of research before buying.


Ample watering provision

Now it goes without saying that gardening is not possible without ample watering provision. Before you begin your balcony garden venture take a look at water availability at your place. Real estates like Zen estate Kharadi have round the clock water supply which can help you to build a handsome in house balcony Garden.