What to Change Inside the House When You Switch Permanently to WFH?

What to Change Inside the House When You Switch Permanently to WFH?

The trend in 2021, which began from 2020 due to the onslaught of coronavirus, is work from home (in short WFH) activities. People employed in various offices, especially in IT companies, have resorted to WFH to tackle the pandemic.

Stronger second-wave

In the past few weeks, the second wave of Covid 19 in India has become stronger, taking a heavy toll on human life, simultaneously affecting several businesses and livelihoods, across the country. The new strains of the virus seem to be more powerful than their predecessors and proving to be more fatal.

WFH avoids human contact

In such situations, the rational thing to do is to avoid human contact and gathering as much as possible. WFH lets you work from a set-up, at your home, and turns your residence into an office. This prevents commuting to the office, thus decreasing the chances of contracting and spreading the disease to a significant extent.

WFH becoming popular since 2020

Work from home

Last year, the concept of WFH was relatively new to most people. Yes, people did have experience of WFH, but not through a long stretch of several months. The Covid 19 last year compelled several businesses to change their strategies and policy implementation tactics.

Collaborations in a cloud environment

Employees of IT companies, schools, universities and even media and digital marketing corporations gradually got accustomed to the work from home culture. Since then, cloud environments have been used frequently to conduct meetings and collaborate in projects. Zoom app has been playing a major role in setting the platform for virtual meetings and classrooms.

Valid reasons for WFH

There are several practical reasons for the WFH culture becoming so popular across India. The main reason is of course reducing the spread of the virus through lesser and lesser human contact (already mentioned before). Besides this, there are other valid reasons, too.

Decrease in corporate expenses

Companies have analyzed that their annual/quarterly/monthly rental expenses decrease considerably if they integrate WFH policies in their businesses. The costs for renting office rooms decrease when a business implements well-thought WFH strategies. The expenses for installing and maintaining office infrastructure, other overhead expenditures, etc also get remarkably reduced.

More productivity and flexible schedules

Most of the companies have also got better results by shifting a major portion of their employees to WFH platforms. The productivity has increased. Moreover, the volume of output has also taken big forward leaps. With a more flexible schedule, it has now become more convenient for the companies to allot projects and assignments to their workers.

More autonomy

From the perspective of an employee, WFH is practically very beneficial to you. You can flexibly work in a schedule that is more convenient for you. You can plan the various stages of the assignment with a greater degree of autonomy. There might be some stressful periods, but in most of the cases, you feel relieved working from home.

Staying close to family members

Work from home with family members

Permanently enjoying the company of your family is a big plus. Previously, you used to spend long weeks at the office. With WFH policy, the issue is nicely solved. Now, you can spend time with your family members.

No daily commute

Moreover, previously you had a certain monthly budget in terms of transportation costs. There was also a huge time factor in reaching your office, and returning back. WFH has enabled the transport costs and the time associated with commuting. You stay more relaxed in the current situation.

High-end work set-up

The first thing you need for WFH plan to be successful is a smooth, high-quality internet connection. Without a standard, flawless internet connection, it is not possible to work from your home. There also needs to be a strong set-up, comprising a laptop, headphones with a microphone, a table and a chair, mobile phone for office calls, etc.

Requirement of a modern home space

The culture of permanent work from home is here to stay, as touted by the industry experts, but with some conditions being fulfilled. You need a plush, developed, well-equipped home space if you want to stick to WFH plans in a productive way.

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Zen Estate Kharadi

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