Lifestyle Factors That Influence Home Buying Decisions

Lifestyle Factors That Influence Home Buying Decisions

One’s occupation determines many aspects of life. Lifestyle, harmony, future possibilities and other facets are somehow linked to the occupation we are in. At Zen, we understand aspirations to excel in professional life which helps in leading a peaceful life. Therefore, we are bringing you another insignia of peace that encompasses everything to make your life a wholesome experience. Soon unveiling another stellar project at a prime location in Kharadi, Pune.


Kharadi – The Emerging Suburb of Pune


Eon Free Zone

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Located in the north-eastern belt of Pune, Kharadi has evolved into a prime destination for various sections of the society. The area is surrounded by thriving neighborhoods like Koregaon Park, Kalyani Nagar, and Hadapsar which are adding more value to its existence. But the real highlight happens to be the Information Technology Industry. Arrival of EON IT Park, tech giants, and the support establishments have changed the dynamics of Kharadi. If your life inspires you to live in Kharadi, and has been asking to look for residential properties in Kharadi Pune or flats near EON IT Park, here’s something special for you.


Zen Elite:


Zen Elite Kharadi


A premise near EON IT Park carved on the cornerstones of solace to make you experience blissful. Contentment here is not the end result but a foundation for you to experience a peaceful day, every day.



Amenities are gateways to different experiences that eventually lead to solitude and peace. To ensure the best of everyday peaceful living, Zen Elite is loaded with 50+ premium lifestyle amenities. The premise is going to host recreational activities, leisure zones, open play courts, indoor entertainment and much more to offer life indulging experiences.


Closer to Family

Distance distances. Everyday commute between work and home reduces family time. But not when you live at Zen Elite. Residing close to your workplace helps in making you relish more solitude. When you live close, you get time for doing various things that you always wanted to, namely – cooking, parenting, self-care and much more. Zen Elite is that close to all your longings.




Kharadi Lifestyle


The area which is peppered with social infrastructure, essential utilities, and lifestyle experiences, tops everything when it comes to living a wholesome life. To experience a wholesome lifestyle, change and new experiences matter and nothing beats the value of areas like Kharadi which are surrounded with such zones. Be it fine-dining, clubs, lounges, yoga centers, and shopping malls, the area is surrounded by all that is aspired. A 2 BHK in Kharadi or 3 BHK in Kharadi at Zen Elite is your gateway to life.


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Work From Home


Work From Home


For people who love working from home, residing in spaces that elevate your experience are important. When sitting in comfort with a perfect work setting, efficiency is natural. And considering such touchpoints we have designed spaces which are breezy, host adequate sunlight, and offer utmost ease of functionality. Working from Zen Elite is more than working. It is an indulgence just like meditation.




Zen Elie Structure


Zen Elite is being presented to you after gaining 10+ years of experience in the real estate domain. Having nestled more than 1500 families, and after delivering 5 (commercial & residential) projects, we are bringing you a premise which is filled with everything to offer you utmost joy and peace. As mentioned earlier, contentment here is not the end result but a foundation for you to thrive. 


Safety & Convenience

A safe premise helps you live carefree. Be it your kids playing or late night walks, everything is safe when you are encapsulated neatly by high-tech security 24×7. To add more to your convenience, homes at Zen Elite are loaded with high-tech constituents like motion sensors, touch-screen switches, bathrooms with bluetooth enabled music speakers, electric chargers for each parking, and more. Now, experience the essence of quality convenience everyday at Zen Elite. 

At Zen, we understand occupational dynamics. Hence, we have been able to carve a structure that resonates with solitude inside out. Suited to your needs, Zen Elite is one amongst the new residential projects in Kharadi to look out for. Schedule a site visit today.