Revolutionize Home Sales with Virtual Presence

Revolutionize Home Sales with Virtual Presence

Buying and selling a residential or commercial property to a potential buyer is not a one-go process. It involves a very crucial element known as the marketing of real estate property. It was observed in 2018 that more than 90% of home buyers use online media to search for homes that suit their requirements. That figure has risen dramatically since then, and with the online real estate market becoming increasingly competitive, digital marketing is one of the best ways to reach your target audience and generate more leads and sales.

A good digital marketing strategy ensures that realtors can generate leads, build a credible database of people who know and trust them, and eventually increase sales through focused efforts and follow-up techniques. The digital platform is a complete package of marketing and promoting products and services online. With each new step, your business has a digital presence and can be visible to anyone and everyone across the globe.

Let’s Understand The Digital Factors that Boost Real Estate Leads:

Responsive Website:


Responsive Website

Real estate websites are a boon to the industry as they develop a strong database filled with genuine leads which increases conversion rates. The website of a real estate brand addresses customer pain points and provides effective solutions to them. The website also has photos and videos of the property and client testimonials that attract customers to the project. Customers based in any part of the world can access the brand website and know all about how the project looks, and what facilities and amenities they are serving, and it becomes easy to make an informed decision. This is a crucial and must-have factor for a real estate developer to have a website and share all the necessary information on it including the contact details.

Email Marketing:

A good digital marketing strategy ensures that realtors receive high-quality leads and have a strong follow-up process in place to easily nurture and convert these leads. Email marketing is one of the best ways to do both, so realtors prefer it over other marketing methods.

Building an email list is also a credible way for them to grow their database and eventually have a larger warm audience that is easier to convert. Furthermore, unlike other forms of communication such as social media or blogs, emails give real estate developers complete control over the communication channel, analytics, and the ability to segment the audience.

Social Media Presence:

Social Media Presence

Facebook is one of the best social media platforms for real estate developers. Most realtors use Facebook ads to market their real estate services because it provides the best ROI and allows them to be hyperlocal with their advertising.

However, one issue is that Facebook’s ad manager can become overly complicated at times, making it difficult to run the correct type of ads and reach the right audience.

Social Media Marketing Strategy:

Instagram and Facebook are the most popular and preferred social media platforms among realtors because they facilitate direct communication while also communicating all the important brand information.

While both are excellent platforms, their audiences are quite different, and the way you communicate on both must be different as well. To effectively market your brand on both platforms, you will need to develop a marketing strategy that allows you to share real estate content on both platforms on a consistent basis, establish expertise, develop a USP, and highlight the latest projects and offerings.

INSTA: To reach a larger audience, you should focus your Instagram strategy on a mix of photos and videos, particularly reels.

FACEBOOK: While your overall strategy will be like Instagram in terms of sharing videos and photos, Facebook allows you to do much more. You can list your properties on Facebook, create open houses, and host live events to connect with people in real-time.

Video Marketing

Video Marketing

A variety of videos can be used as part of your video marketing strategy. You can use virtual tour videos to show off properties in detail, explainer videos to answer frequently asked questions, live walk-throughs on social media, aerial videos to show off the area in which your property is located, and listing videos to post on your website.

Zen Elite

Above are some technicalities of how digital presence works for the real estate sector. With an effective digital marketing strategy, real estate developers or channel partners can strengthen the online presence of the brand or a particular project. Inculcating a variety of digital marketing ideas real estate developers witness a rise in leads. Zen Elite, a project by Mahalaxmi Group, carries out a lot of interesting digital marketing plans for customer participation. Know all about it on our website and have a look at our 2 BHK Flats and 3 BHK flats in Kharadi, an upcoming real estate project in Kharadi to give a new life to its customers.