Top 5 Home Interior Ideas to Make It Look More Spacious

Top 5 Home Interior Ideas to Make It Look More Spacious

Imagine, the door opening to your spacious home basking in ample sunlight and breathing in the fresh air. There’s enough space for pets to run around and kids to brew imagination with their toys, while you host your friends and family in the living room.

Well, we all love to live in a big home. But in jam-packed residential areas in Pune, only some of us can fulfill the dream of investing in spacious 3 BHK flats in Kharadi Pune. That does not make the end of your dreams though. By giving a little makeover to your current space you can turn your apartment into a spacious home.

Here Are Some Tricks to Help You Turn Your Home into a Spacious Place:

  1. Unified Color Palette

    Today, interior décor has become a means of expressing your unique taste and personality. Be it furniture or wall paint, choosing a unified color palette gives your rooms a look and feel of grandeur. Moreover, make sure you use white or pastel colors in smaller spaces so they can reflect the light enough to make the rooms brighter and more spacious.

  2. Brighten Up the Spaces

    Talking about brightening the space, using a natural source of light makes rooms more spacious than they actually are. Let the sunlight spill into your home wherever it can. Use large glass windows and install mirror showpieces or wall art to let in a sense of warmth. Nothing surpasses the effect of natural light spilling into your apartment. Moreover, you can opt for photosensitive paint to create different moods with sunlight bouncing off the walls throughout the day. For cozy vibes and airy rooms, you can buy 2 BHK in Kharadi that are east, west, or south facing.

  3. Smart Storage

    Using vertical space or multi-functional furniture is one of the easiest ways to create more space in your home. You can create cabinets and storage on the walls behind the doors or along the small passages. Paint the wall-mounted furniture in the room the same color as your walls and they merge cohesively making your room look clutter-free.

  4. Tile Up

    Tiling up the walls or using wallpaper with a pale or pastel palette does a trick for tight spaces. Tiling the walls up to the ceilings, especially in the kitchen and bathrooms, adds an impression of height to the space. Moreover, it also gives the feeling of openness and freshness to the room, making it look bigger and brighter than it is.

  5. Use Translucent Blinds

    Curtains and blinds are another important part of the interior that can add to the personality of your home. For tighter spaces opt for the neat, slick blinds with pastel colors and translucent textures. This will help the natural light seep into the room throughout the day.

    Whether you own a 2 BHK flat in Kharadi, Pune or live in a little tight space, these tips will help you make your home look and feel bigger and brighter. A home, after all, is just mere than a space to coexist with a family. It is a happy place, a safer space where you can create and experience moments in the midst of the urban humdrum.

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