Top 7 home buying tips for your 30’s

Top 7 home buying tips for your 30’s

Planning your finances is one of the simplest ways to make some solid assets in your life. For a very long time now, there has been a concept in minds of people of different generations which has tried to set a right age margin from when you can start making your savings, plan your finances and get down to building some solid assets.

However, the time has proven that such concepts and ideas really come without any reasonable base. In fact, potential savings must go hand in hand with your very first and then continued earning. Financial planning to buy a house is one such form of saving and asset planning.

why early age saving is important


Early age saving


Owning a residence or a house of your own is a dream for many. Again for several people owning a house is more of a necessity than a dream or Desire. However in most cases to own a house is both a dream and a necessity at the same point in time. Where it comes to buying or investing in a residential real estate project most people think that this is a job best undertaken once you have settled in life. However, buying a house in your 30s; comes with a number of potential benefits.

On one hand, you can do away with the financial drainage of having to pay rent every month and can even earn money from your home by leasing it out to a tenant looking for residential purposes. Additionally, thanks to the rate of inflation, the Return of Investment on your house is likely to increase in the coming future – making it a winning investment.</p?

Preparations for an early investment

Like everything else certain preparations are a must when it comes to early investment plans. Often people think that at the beginning of their careers since they are earning a fairly smaller amount of money (as they aspire to earn more in the days to come) they feel that they are not ready for the investment. At this time they feel that after some time when they have already made some advancement in life and will earn a bigger amount, is when they can start planning in investments such as buying a home.

What people do not understand that along with the increase in their earnings their financial commitments and places where they need to spend increases? Hence beginning early is one of the best things to be done. However for this some preparations are a must. Let us take a look at them.

Know the expenses and make a plan


Plan Your Expenses


From the very beginning of your plan, try to understand the pattern of the market. You must take a good look at the market to understand the type of projects that are available in the market and the type of projects that are coming up in the future. Likewise, you must get a proper idea of the type of cost that will be included both for the down payment as well as for the EMIs. On the basis of this understanding, you must get down to make your plans and the kind of savings you should make.

Analyze your incomes and expenditures

At the very onset make an analysis of the type of earnings you have and the type of expenditures you need to make on a regular basis. In this context, you must understand the expenditures which are necessary and which are purely wishes and whims on your end. Try to curtail the latter as much as possible. With time you will be able to save more and plan your finances better.

Research your dream home


Who can buy a home in Pune?


As potential home buying tips, you must make an analysis of the type of house you are looking for. Whether you are looking for a flat, an apartment, a studio apartment, a bungalow, a self-built house, etc. Also, make a note of the amenities and the features you wish to have in the residential real estate project you wish to invest in. On the basis of this research start hunting for your future home.




Don’t just save, rather invest

Often people think that earning and not spending money is the best way of managing and planning your finances. However, this is a huge mistake. At the time of saving the money, instead of keeping your money, you must think of the potential ways through which you can invest the money. The basic difference between saving and investing money is that in the latter case you arrange for saved money to increase well over in time.

In this context, you can start exploring the options like fixed deposit, recurring deposit, a savings account or even mutual funds. Remember the options that offer great returns like mutual funds comes with greater risk as compared to other investment options like FD and RDs which offers a lower interest in comparison. Young age is the right time to take the risk and invest in high risk and high return options.

Be prepared for an extra cost

Often when a person is planning to buy a house he/she merely calculates the floor space area and the amount that must be paid as the EMI or the down payment. However, in addition to this, there are other extra costs like the registration cost, the title deeds cost, the stamp duty, etc.

Zen Estate Kharadi


Zen Estate Kharadi


The Zen Estate Kharadi is one of the premium real estate projects coming in the Kharadi region of Pune. The project is being developed by the prestigious Mahalaxmi and the Kohinoor Groups. The project amalgamates and brings several benefits for the buyers. It blends ace in-built features along with super infrastructure facilitated location – Kharadi.

In addition to these benefits, the builders of the project also bring the scheme of ‘Khushiyon ka Swagat’ that is working on the price structure of the flats to facilitate first-time property buyers to invest in their future homes.