Zen Estate – The new luxurious yet affordable residential project in Kharadi, Pune

Zen Estate – The new luxurious yet affordable residential project in Kharadi, Pune

The prospect of buying a home or investing in a residential real estate project is a blend of a dream and a tough challenge for many. In the case of a majority of working professionals, a lot of planning and calculation needs to be done before they actually take a plunge into such endeavors. These types of investments often claim a lion’s share of their savings and even then majority has to avail home loans.

This is a huge responsibility and also a great challenge for most. Very careful financial planning and continued perseverance is required to finally own a house. Since this is a huge investment involving big capital amounts, buyers make sure that certain aspects are present in the prospectus project.


What are most common home buying needs?


Home buying needs


When a person begins the witch hunt for a residential real estate project he/she often does a long term planning. In other words they begin to look for a project which will be equally favorable for them in the future as well. To ensure this investors not only takes a look at the planning, architecture, building material quality, previous track record of the builders but also the location and its facilities.

A good housing complex is not only well planned with all the adequate features and facilities but at the same time the neighboring are must provide facilities like great connectivity with the rest of the city, schools, colleges, hospitals markets, shopping malls and employment hubs within a nearby vicinity. If you take a look at the residential real estate market in Pune the Zen Estate Kharadi happens to be the only project which offers all of this and more to its patrons.


Why is financially affordable an important aspect

In the previous segment we have spoken about all the important aspects that must be included within the scope of a good residential real estate project. True that all the points we have mentioned in the last section of this discussion mentions the amenities that will allow property owners to enjoy a luxurious and comfortable lifestyle with their families in the times to come.

However, along with all the facilities mentioned so far another aspect that is of paramount importance is that the project must be an affordable one. When we say that the project is affordable it means that the project developing group has kept competitive pricing for the properties in the complex. When such residential real estate projects are affordable, they can attract a larger group of buyers.

This means now a broader spectrum of people can take a look at the project and can explore their buying options in this context. ‘Affordability’ turns out to be an advantage for both the customers and also the project developers. The Mahalaxmi Zen Estate Kharadi is a fine specimen of such a residential real estate project.


How to find affordable homes


How to find an affordable home


This is one of the most pertinent questions that are asked by everyone who aspires to buy a home. If you are wondering about how to find affordable homes then you must begin the quest with a detailed enquiry into the various projects that are coming up or are on the verge of completion in different parts of the city.

The task of finding affordable homes with all the right features can be a tough one. Te best way to go about the job is look up the project list of some of the top real estate developers and builders of the nation. You can also look into the related journals and magazines of the city. Several online portals also have information about some of the best and most affordable residential real estate projects.

Finally you can also hire agents who can help you to locate such projects.


What are perks and cons of affordable homes?


If you are taking a look at the pros and cons of buying affordable housing it can be said at the very beginning that the pros of such projects often happens to outnumber the cons by a fat margin. In fact can there be a con of buying a project in an affordable housing? When you are talking about some of the most prestigious real estate projects in the city from the top builders the deal is bound to turn out to be one of the most profitable ones.

One of the biggest perks or advantages of such projects is that they offer highly quality a d lavish community living were you can find several likeminded people who also turn out to be customers and future proper owners in the complex. Such complexes often have a governing body that takes care of all maintenance related issues. Hence matters of security and facility management are very well taken care of.


How is Zen Estate different?


Zen Estate Kharadi Pune


The Zen Estate Kharadi from the Mahalaxmi and Kohinoor Group is a fine example of such an affordable housing. The project has a number of inbuilt luxury features. Additionally the location – Kharadi, where the project is being developed is one of the premium locations in Pune.

The location not only enjoys a great connectivity with the rest of the city but at the same time it also offers several civic facilities in the neighboring region. If you ask that is it worth to buy affordable housing a flip through the facility and amenity list of Zen Estate will put all your doubts to a permanent rest.




Discuss few amenities

The Zen Estate Kharadi is in a close proximity with the railways station and the airports of Pune. It enjoys a nearby location from the Magarpatta and the IT hubs. Further the region has a number of good schools, colleges, shopping malls, hospitals in the nearby vicinity. Additionally the complex is provided with facilities like a children’s play area, swimming pool, jogger’s park, gym, senior citizen’s area, clubhouse, party lawn etc.


Parting thought

All these facilities and more not only ensures a lavish lifestyle in the years to come but at the same time the competitive pricing at which it has been made available for the buyers is the biggest attraction of the project.