Premium Homes: Treat For The Past Decade Has Become The Need Of Today’s Generation

Premium Homes: Treat For The Past Decade Has Become The Need Of Today’s Generation

Premium living has a new meaning in Indian real estate. For the past decade buying homes or owning properties with palatial facilities in prime locations were staples of social status and extravagance.

However, today premium living has been reclassified thanks to top-of-the-line innovations and worldwide brand affiliations and altered contributions. And this change in real estate prominently reflects the change of perspective and dreams in the eyes of home buyers particularly in the Pune area.

Change in Perceptions

In the past few years, home seekers have stepped out with a new perspective to search for their dream homes. An overhauled way of life closer to the business locale has cleaned up the accessibility of opulent residential projects from a couple of limited pin codes, making it an area skeptic. Kharadi is one such locality brought onto the map of elite residential properties in India.

Factually, potential home seekers have drifted towards comfortable lifestyles and looking to invest in premium living experiences. As a result, the search for the best residential projects in Kharadi has dramatically increased in the past few years. 

Today, the premium is more than just a lavish space or simply speculation. In fact, it is interfacing with the result-oriented millennials and successful investors of today who consider it to be an impression of their accomplishments, desires and taste. Given the high worldwide exposure, customers are very much aware of global guidelines in planning and advancement.

Eminent Verticals of Premium Houses in India


Luxury Apartment

Thoughtfully crafted project layout and infrastructure, spacious and greener living spaces, and airy & well-ventilated residences, all these facilities help elevate the living experience and attract more crowd to reside in blissful settings at Zen Realty India. 

  • Lifestyle Amenities  
  • Galleries with Panoramic view  
  • Recreational Area
  • Fitness Arenas  

Ample amenities and lifestyle facilities tend to lure massive customers, which encourages them to stretch their finances a bit more to experience a premium lifestyle. Privacy is one of the crucial factors homebuyers look for before buying any property.

Nowadays, homebuyers look for optimum security features to improve their peaceful and secure living experience.

  • Gated security  
  • Surveillance at entry points  
  • Power backup  
  • Provisions for kids and senior citizens  

The above-mentioned are some of the crucial facilities that provide residents with a secure environment and help them lead a quality life.  

Premium Living in Pune  

These days real estate developers in Pune such as Zen Elite Kharadi have the biggest interest in offering world-class luxury services and amenities. Given trends may redefine the way people look at premium living in the coming years;

  • Utilitarian spaces  
  • Prosperity to conscious Living   
  • Improved network  
  • Functional spaces 

Given the high worldwide openness, homebuyers are aware of global principles in planning and improvement. They are giving way to bigger houses and picking more modest extravagance homes offering brilliant plans with the extreme usage of room and top-of-the-line conveniences for an agreeable life.

The absolute most sought-after elements could be the utilization of an open kitchen with sumptuous lounges, spa-like restrooms, and multi-use rooms. There is a longing for adjustable designs to meet the homebuyers’ requirements.

Prosperity to Conscious Living 

The new-age home buyers and investors are aware of sustainability and climate change. There is a developing trend among the conscious homebuyers of living in spaces with minimal effect on the climate. Following this crucial trend, we may see the extreme demand and choice for collaborative advancements in monitoring water and power with effective waste disposal systems in the near future.

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Upgraded Network 

Considering the gigantic convergence of transients to metropolitan regions, closeness to public transportation is one of the excellent prerequisites for today’s homebuyers. They like to live in areas offering created physical and social amenities like cafés, vibrant settings for get-togethers, and means of entertainment to carry on with an agreeable existence. This is why the prominent residential localities in Pune are always buzzing with homebuyers seeking 2BHK and 3BHK flats for sale in Kharadi Pune.

Millennials Embracing Technology in Real Estate  

Today, the presence of IoT in smart home appliances and consumer electronics is spreading quickly. More individuals have made smart consumer electronics a part of their homes to lead a simplified life. One out of four millennials (ages 24-35) believes that the most fundamental component of an extravagant home is advanced innovation. Their more seasoned partners (ages 45-55) are also catching up with 35% of respondents having one or two innovation-empowered items installed in their homes. 

Wrapping Up


Zen Elite

The macroeconomic patterns, raise in paychecks, and advanced technology simplifying today’s busy lives have made premium living a need for today’s individuals. Today, homebuyers see their lavish apartments, bachelor pads, or holiday homes as a calling card for their personal and social achievements. Regardless of slow housing economic situations, projects offering reasonable extravagance condos keep on developing at a quicker pace.

At Zen Elite Kharadi the change of perspective, the dreamy extravagance, and simplified living in lavish spaces are finally here and you now have a choice of residing in your dream home without compromising your needs and wants of premium living.

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