How the Kharadi Area Has Developed Over the Past Couple of Years?

How the Kharadi Area Has Developed Over the Past Couple of Years?

In the year 2011, Pune was declared as Tier 1 city of India. Although, to many, this evolution seems to circumstantial and even a little sudden in reality, plans for expansion and development of the city had been under rolls for quite long. The decision making heads of the city had taken some very well calculated and strong steps so that Pune over a period of time could emerge as one of the strongest economic hubs of not just the country but the continent as a whole. That is exactly what they have successfully attained.

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The Kharadi Region

Kharadi Pune


Kharadi is a region in the eastern corridor of Pune. It is one of the suburban areas of the city which in the earliest times was just a rural area, lying on the outskirts of the city. In the earliest times Kharadi was a village area that mostly consisted of lush green fields used for agriculture and cultivation. The massive development of the region and the overall and complete change of the area in its nature and composition is truly a minuscule manifestation of the developmental process that has been witnessed by the city of Pune as a whole.

The area in the current times is not only considered to be one of the most important IT hubs of the city but at the same time is one of the hotspot locations for residential real estate projects. Some of the top notch builders of the city have selected the area to develop their large scale real estate projects. It has been seen that mostly IT professionals working in the area are interested to invest in residential projects in this region.

The Past of Kharadi

The Kharadi area review will be an abrupt and incomplete one of we do not consider its past. Situated on the banks of the river Mula Mutha, Kharadi for a long time in history has been a village and rural belt. It conveniently lied on the rim of the actual urban settlement of Pune and this was the situation or the position of the area that continued for a long time.

The area in the coming times saw a minor industrial establishment, but it was nothing as intense as witnessed by other suburban regions like Pimpri Chinchwad. The region of Kharadi fell under the Pune Municipal Corporation which later played a major role in the development of the region.

The Present of Kharadi

Kharadi IT Park


Soon the decision making heads of Pune began to draw a plan and made investments for wide IT sector development in Pune. Kharadi became one of the major regions that did witness a huge IT development. Several IT parks and business centers were developed in and around the region and several millions were invested into these developments. This definitely began a process of economic influx in the city and for its people – a process which is still in continuation in the current times.

Massive Road Development

Development In Kharadi


Economic development of the region was never possible without investing in the infrastructure of the area. This was not feasible without investing into the roads and the highways of the place. Only when the region would be optimal developed in terms of its connectivity with the rest of the city that the IT hubs of the area could expect to draw or attract enough manpower and human talent that would keeps the wheels of the industry rotating.

Naturally Kharadi in the current times have great connectivity through the roads, rail, highways, metros and air (Pune International Airport is 7.6 km away) networks of the region.

Great place to live

Facilities In Kharadi


The opening of the discussion has mentioned that Kharadi is considered to be one of the prime locations to develop residential real estate projects. This is not only true for the close proximity of the IT hubs but also for the presence of other facilities and amenities that makes the region super suitable for residential occupation.

The region is lined with the existence of several other facilities like good quality schools, colleges and other educational institutions, existence of quality healthcare organizations, presence of several entertainment options, high quality lifestyle features and so on. These are some of the aspects that make the region highly suitable for high end community living.




The Future of Kharadi

For now it has been adequately established that Kharadi is one of the most aptly developed regions that can support quality community living. However this is not the only reasons why so many high end and large scale residential projects are coming up here. In fact there is more to it. The development quotient of Kharadi is although quite high, yet it has not reached its saturation point. This means that Kharadi future development is a rather feasible idea. This is so due to a number of reasons. Very firstly Kharadi as a region from its initial times was a rural area. Naturally availability of open spaces is in abundance.

Additionally the place has not seen much industrialization and hence adjoining features like presence of slum areas is negligible. These are some of the reasons why the municipality and the real estate developers need to invest moderate work to develop the region further in the future.

Introduce Zen Estate

Zen Estate Kharadi


The region has witnessed the development of several residential spaces and buyers can go through a fat portfolio of high end residential projects. The Mahalaxmi Zen Estate Kharadi is one of them. This is one of the plushest and luxurious residential properties that have tried to amalgamate all the beneficial aspects of not just a well planned project but also the features of a super developed area. If you are looking to invest in a property that is going to witness an appreciative ROI on their property, then the Zen Estate in Kharadi from the Mahalaxmi Group is just the choice for you.