What’s Your Sukoon Ki Story?

What’s Your Sukoon Ki Story?

“Sukoon Ki Stories”

what do we understand by this… it’s a story of your happy place where you are content, where you love to be, it’s a place where you feel comfortable and at peace. Mahalaxmi Group started an initiative with Interior Designer Ashwini Dongre, Sukoon Ki Stories for the project Zen Elite!
Ashwini Dongre is a renowned Interior Designer, entrepreneur, and influencer in Pune. She is running her own design studio Smart Home Designs LLP, a luxury interior design firm that has transformed many homes.  

She began the campaign of Sukoon ki Stories by Mahalaxmi Group and encouraged viewers to participate in the campaign. Sukoon ki Stories is all about embracing your absolute peace of mind and sharing your happy place. The campaign got a great response from our audience.  

The true art of living is finding peace in little things and making the most of this precious life. Mahalaxmi Group asked the question “What’s Sukoon for You?” and the audience had all kinds of answers like;

Sukoon is Neend.. 

Sukoon is reading a book at the end of the day… 

Sukoon is listening to favorite songs, etc. 

This question blew people’s minds and their hearts started speaking up for them. The solace, the peace within them started pouring out. 

Zen Elite in Kharadi by Mahalaxmi Group planned it all with finesse. We showcased different ways of having a perfect Sukoon ki Duniya, in the world we all crave for… 

Sukoon ki Duniya is rendezvous with birds… 

Sukoon ki duniya is being embraced by greens… 

Sukoon ki duniya is a river for company… 

Sukoon ki duniya is a home that offers you your peace of mind and the life of your dreams. Mahalaxmi Groups, Zen Elite in Kharadi gives you such a life for your new beginnings. This campaign encouraged people to have a sukoon bhari life in the middle of the city and life fullest.  

Where Zen elite by Mahalaxmi Group showcased how living in Zen was a peaceful experience. People who will live here will have a soothing lifestyle and will have joy in their hearts as Zen Elite is surrounded by scenic views, uncluttered spaces, and thoughtful features, where you can discover the true meaning of peace.  

What Does Sukoon Ki Duniya in Zen Elite Offers You?


  • Peace so that you can focus on growth 
  • Places around that have the best scenic views where you can revel in the beauty of life 
  • Breathe fresh air to have good health 

And a lot more! 

The campaign took mini steps to go live and created a greater impact on the minds of people as they started realizing minor yet important aspects of their life. And when it was time to embrace their inner self, Sukoon ki Stories went live where people shared their happy place.  

Zen Elite by Mahalaxmi Group also introduced Sukoon ka hamper worth Rs.2000 with the most exciting sukoon ki story. Here’s where Interior Designer Ashwini Dongre shared here video of her sukoon ki story was working for her clients, her work is her sukoon and she lived the most by decorating homes which they could call their own.  

The campaign brought some interesting sukoon ki stories of where people found peace. Here’s a chance to embrace your life like we did while Sukoon Ki Stories! It’s not just about running a campaign Zen Elite by Mahalaxmi group gives you a chance to embrace sukoon everyday by living here.  

Live in a peaceful dwelling and share your Sukoon ki Story everyday by living a charismatic life at Zen Elite by Mahalaxmi Group.