Where should I buy a home in Pune?

Where should I buy a home in Pune?

Time is money, and we are not here to waste any of it. So let’s directly jump into the main conversation, which is about “Where in Pune should homebuyers not spend time and money and Where should they buy a flat in Pune.”

Areas or Neighbourhoods in Pune offering good ROI


  1. Pimpri
  2. Kharadi
  3. Hinjewadi
  4. Tathawade
  5. Khadki
  6. Sus
  7. Pimple Nilakh
  8. Baner-Pashan Link road
  9. Hadapsar
  10. Koregaon Park – Mundhwa Road
  11. Kondhwa

Where to buy a flat in Pune is a personal decision that can differ widely from buyer to buyer, depending on what sort of tradeoffs you’re willing to make.

However, some areas have shown quite promising returns on investment in the last couple of years such as Kharadi, Pimpri, Hinjewadi, Tathawade, Khadki and Sus. Where some benefitted by the proximity to offices, other were an investing market hit because of serene location. 

While Pimple Nilakh, Hinjewadi phase 1 & 2, tend to be expensive, market conditions in these pricier areas of the city tend to favour those buyers who were able to afford them in 2016 and before.

Areas or Neighbourhoods in Pune offering good ROI

Hence, those looking in the buyer’s markets right now can safely bet in Kharadi and Sus, with a massive hit of price appreciation in the coming years and the price will surely shoot up soon.

Those looking to invest big can go for Kharadi (near Mundhwa Chowk), Baner-Pashan Link Road, Pancard club road, Amanora New Towers, Koregaon Park-Mundhwa Lane & Kodhwa north. (Developers may offer value options, if you find one, grab the deal instantaneously) 

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Areas or Neighbourhoods in Pune that offer lower ROI

Areas or Neighbourhoods in Pune offering lower ROI

  1. Bavdhan
  2. Baner
  3. Dhanori
  4. Lavale
  5. Poonawale
  6. Sunarwadi
  7. Paud Village

The area around Pashan such as Bavdhan and Baner has seen a phenomenal price rise in recent times. Property value in Bavdhan is ranging between 7 to 8 thousand per square feet, and at some places in Baner even higher.

An extreme west like Tathawade or an extreme east like Undri will show safe bets if you are looking for a 15 year or more targetted investment. 

Areas like Hadapsar & Keshav Nagar are an easy commute into EON IT park and features attractive dining and shopping options with Amanora & Seasons Mall. But also comes with few price cuts, tighter inventory and a ton of buyer demand. Whereas Dhanori, Lavale, Paud and Sunarwadi are just too far to settle.

Areas in Pune offering good ROI


Where to buy a flat in Pune is a personal decision with no universal right or wrong answers. What could be an excellent fit for a growing family might not be ideal for a single young professional? With that said, set your priorities carefully and move ahead with your decision.