The New Face of Khushiyon ka Swagat Offers Relaunched

The New Face of Khushiyon ka Swagat Offers Relaunched

Pune is considered to be a haven for quality residential real estate projects. The construction industry of the city has been one of the most dynamic sections of the economy where huge volume of projects were initiated and completed annually in different parts of the city.

Impressive residential real estate projects have come up on the outskirts of the city. With time these outskirt areas were developed in terms of their amenities, features and facility which have led to the emergence of large scale residential real estate properties. The Zen estate Kharadi is the perfect example quantifying this fact.

New face of Khushiyon ka Swagat

As the opening of the discussion rightly points out, the real estate development industry in Pune is a highly dynamic section. Owing to the large number of players in the industry and the several project commenced, competition amongst the real estate brands to attract probable buyers is quite high. Naturally the real estate offers in Pune happens to be more than encouraging.

The Mahalaxmi Group being one of the premium construction brands of the city has come up with an attractive theme of Khushiyon Ka Swagat for their premium project of Zen Estate Kharadi.

The project tagline Khushiyon Ka Swagat is quite right fully coined as the residential project offers a perfect combination of attractive internal ambience, super location oriented facilities, and a well sketched out financial scheme which will enable buyers to invest in these properties with a considerable ease.

How will it delight the home buyers?

Zen Estate Project Amenities


Worry free living

The project has been provided with security system that brings the finest of manpower guarding facilities with modern technical security gadget. This ensures 24 x 7 securities for the property owners and their valuables inside the complex. The project has been IGBC certified which means that now the residents can keep a control on their electricity bill which will offer a greater help in enhancing sustainable living.


Spacious Homes

The flats or apartments within the project has been designed to offer super spacious homes for the owners and the inmates of the properties. There is no space crunch in any part of the architecture whatsoever. This means that now with these 2BHK and 3BHK flat you can have a comfortable and well spaced out living with your family. You can also plan lavish interior decoration for you and your family to enjoy.



Vaastu who is one of the oldest and time proven architectural science which helps to create homes that invites positive vibes and energy within your house and your family. The architects of Zen estate Kharadi has paid special attention to this aspect and bring you Vaastu compliant home which will help to enhance peace, prosperity and wellness for your family. The apartments are the homes that have been designed as per vaastu tips to get rid of bad and evil energy.



One of the biggest attributes or positive aspects about this residential real estate project is its connectivity with the rest of the city. Kharadi although lies on the outskirts of Pune have been developed on the current time. The area and its population enjoys a wonderful connectivity through an intricate network of roads to the other important parts of Pune. An efficient public transport system is available in the area which can help the population ply to any part of the city. Hence now using the public and private transport option Kharadi happens to be very well connected to all other parts of Pune.


River View home

Zen Estate in Kharadi is located on the banks of the Mula Mutha river. This means that owners of flats or apartments overlooking the river can get a wonderful view they can enjoy in different parts of the day. This is definitely an added attraction which can offer a wonderful view and also a wonderful airflow.

Flexi payment options at Zen Estate Kharadi

Flexible Payment Option At Zen Estate


The Mahalaxmi Group has come up with more than just striking architectural and construction features to attract prospective buyers. The Management has come up with an option of flexi payment. This is a special offer or feature provided by the Mahalakshmi Group, which aimed at accommodating the first time buyers of real estate property.

The flexi payment option aims at providing greater freedom and ease of making payment for buyers who can now work out their installment payment as per their financial capacity.

In certain cases the Management is also working on the total cost of the property and is relaxing a percentage of it to accommodate buyers in their initial real estate investment. This as an approach is not only helping a number of first time real estate investors but is also maximizing the sale of the group as a whole.



True Khushiyon ka Swagat with Zen Estate

Khushiyon ka Swagat with Zen Estate


Hence with Zen estate Kharadi khushiyon Ka Swagat is a truly quantified scheme. True to their word, the Mahalaxmi Group has presented one of the best and ace palatial residential real estate projects for a highly feasible and affordable financial scheme.

The Construction or the Real Estate Developing Group has truly projected a property which amalgamates all the required facilities needed for a super lavish urban living. What is best is that the Group is making every effort so that a broader spectrum of buyers can avail the property.