6 Ways You Can Live a Lockdown Life Hand-In-Hand With Nature

6 Ways You Can Live a Lockdown Life Hand-In-Hand With Nature

The year 2020 has seriously brought some really unprecedented times in its trails. The outbreak of the global pandemic of Novel CoronaVirus has seriously altered the way the world has functioned so far. Never before have there been an issue that has affected the entire planet with an equal magnitude threatening the life of millions of people alike, irrespective of their nationality, color, ethnicity, economic strata, religion, etc.

If one thing that has gone for a toss due to the ravages of this virus it is the essential socializing nature and general pattern of life to which we were so very accustomed. Now as the protocol stands the contemporary population must live a comparatively isolated world, severed from their friends, relatives and colleague to keep the threat of infection at bay.

Lockdown – A Step Towards Safety

Covid 19 lockdown


Keeping the nature of the present threat in mind national leaders across the world have sought to take up the measure of lockdown implementation as one of the most effective ways of curbing the surging cases of fresh infections across the world. Lockdown with varying degrees of stringency have been applied in various parts of the world by the different national and state governments.

The phenomenon has caused some serious alterations in public and popular lifestyles. Whatever was known to the contemporary generation as a regular routine of life like going to office, preparing and sending children to schools and colleges, stepping out for marketing, enjoying with friends, and so much more have become prohibited as per the new normal. The question that is raking the mind of millions across the world is ways to spend time during lockdown.

Environment Day

World Environment Day


Yes, relation and dynamism between humans have undergone a huge change. However one thing that still remains the same as in the times before COVID-19 is the dynamism between man and nature. There is still and eternal dependence between man and nature and the ways to maintain the balance between them is just the same.

The International World Environment Day celebrated on 5th June, is a gentle reminder in this context. In fact with all the health fiasco going on all around us it is time we spared a closer and detailed attention to the preservation of Mother Nature.

The celebration of the International World Environment Day reminds us the importance of preserving nature and the various ways of going about it. This is the day when we should remind ourselves and teach our children the ways the planet have provided for all our basic needs. She has offered her natural resources for our industries, all her natural elements for a healthy and secure world for us and our coming generation.

Now is the time when we must give back to her all the love and care she has shown us till now. This is the time when we must truly care for and treasure our planet and its nature. It is the only way through which we can look forward to a safe future.

How Does the Nature Need Us?

Just as a mother looks after her child, it is the duty of the child to care for the mother when she is in need. Now Mother Nature is in need when her children, the people of the world must look after her ravages and damages. It’s time the industries across the world must be more responsible in way they source raw materials from nature.

The general people must be more responsible in way they handle the natural elements like air, water and soil. Continuous extraction of resources and dumping of wastage back have created a heavy pressure on the environmental balance. Mother Nature now needs us to be fairer towards her, giving her back just as much that we have taken from her till now.




1) Garbage Management 


Garbage Management


Safe and effective garbage management is one of the most imperative ways through which we can walk hand in hand with nature even amidst the lockdown. Garbage must be segregated in terms of wet and dry garbage and they must be discarded at the right waste bins that have been provided by the local municipality. Premium residential real estate projects like the Zen Estate Kharadi are taking all the care in this context.


2) Making Nirmalaya 

Hinduism follows a popular religious trait of providing devotional offerings to their Gods and Goddesses. These offerings mainly consist of clothes to be worn by the Gods, flowers, garlands, food offerings etc. Amongst them flowers, bilva and tulsi leaves forms to be a huge majority. All of these items are called Nirmalya.

Now these used flowers and leaves must be discarded or reused in a proper so that they do not pollute the surrounding or creates a nuisance. The best thing to be to dump in a single large pot, turn them into manure and reuse them for better fertility of the soil.


3) Electricity saving using solar power


Solar Power


It is time we realized the importance of electricity and how much pressure is being created on the natural resources of the planet to produce it. This is the exact reason why we must make all the efforts to create ample solar power so that our dependence on electricity can be reduced. This can spare a large volume of non-replenishable natural resources otherwise used to generate electricity.


4) Replacing A/c With Desi Coolers 

The best brands of air conditioners generally consume a huge amount of electricity for their functioning. They also release a good amount of heat into the atmosphere. Substituting these air conditioners with simpler desi coolers is a much better idea. Real estate properties like Zen Estate Kharadi can offer you all needed framework here these desi coolers can be installed.


5) Feeding The Beings In Environment, Stray Dogs And Cats

One of the things to do at home during covid-19 is to feed stray animals like cats, dogs and birds. This is the time when you must strengthen your relation with the nature and its different elements. Feed the stray animal and feel their gratitude and love for you.


6) Water The Plants


watering to the plants


The next best thing to do is to take care of the plants around us. The massive infection of COVID-19 cases around us has amply clarified the importance of oxygen, given the huge rush over quality oxygen cylinders. Water the plants around you to foster the oxygen level that envelopes us. This is one of the best ways through which we can pay back Mother Nature and nurture her for the future.