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How I Bought My New Home in Kharadi – A Personal Story

As with the aspirations of most of our peers and most of everyone else around us, we shared the big dream of buying and settling-down in our own house too. Though, not a house just there or here or anywhere, but, in a big city. Like one of those that appear in the movies. Yes, […]

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Home Buying is a tricky process. There are multiple variables and things to consider when you finally decide to take the plunge. One of these variables is the location.  Choosing the right location for a new home is a daunting task. You may be looking at multiple factors when zeroing down on your perfect location. […]

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Buying a home is not some small feat in life. To more than a majority of the people anywhere, it’s still a dream; unaccomplished still – to several. And still, it ranks highest when you ask someone what some of their biggest dreams are. Neither is it easy to buy a house and, neither is […]

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There are a lot of aspects, factors and things to consider when one is in the mind of buying a home. Even before the actual process begins the particular person has already been sublimely collecting information from various sources. These can be from articles from the newspapers, magazines or the web; word-of-mouth from social circles; […]

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