List of Questions to Ask A Sales Person When You are Buying a Home

List of Questions to Ask A Sales Person When You are Buying a Home

Buying a home is not some small feat in life. To more than a majority of the people anywhere, it’s still a dream; unaccomplished still – to several. And still, it ranks highest when you ask someone what some of their biggest dreams are.

Neither is it easy to buy a house and, neither is it the process of actually purchasing it easy. And, it certainly takes quite a lot of planning and scrutiny – when it comes to not only selecting the right home for you but, also when it comes to selecting and being able to trust the company behind the creation of the project that you choose to invest in.

And, believe us – there are a lot of prerequisites and requisites to fulfil when it comes to purchasing something as big as a home.

However, these aren’t the only reasons why we have created a list of questions to ask the salesperson. It is important to know and understand all of the requirements so you can not only enjoy the home after you start living in it but, also enjoy the whole process of actually getting the home.

Here’s a list of Queries to keep in mind when buying a new home –

1. What exactly is included in the sale of the house?

2. What is not included in the sale of the house?

3. What your total (gross/net) costs would be?

4. All details in regards to the location of the project/property like – is the property listed? If yes, how has it been graded? And, is it in an area of conservation?

5. How much are the maintenance costs? And, what are the average cost of the main utility bills in the area?

6. All details about the neighbourhood, locality, area and community?

7. Everything about the drainage and plumbing systems installed in the project/property?

8. Which direction does the property face?

9. Is the home located in a floodplain or a low-lying area? Or is susceptible to any other forms of human-made or natural disasters.

10. Approximate/Exact time of possession?

11. Does the area or the house pose any other kind of health/safety hazards that wouldn’t otherwise be found in an inspection?

12. What are all the civic amenities in the area – schools, colleges, markets, hospitals, etc.

13. What are homes in a similar area, form or type selling for?

14. Questions in regards to furnishing, (re)decorating, renovation, etc.

15. Supply of electricity, water, gas, etc.

16. Solutions for complaints, grievances, feedback or any other issues?

17. Are/Is there anything that’s NOT included in the sale of the house?

18. Are there ANY hidden disclosures?

19. The least amount that would be accepted by the builder/developer/seller?

20. Now, instead of wondering and asking the salesperson if you’ve missed something, ask this – “Is there anything else that you would like, need or want to know if you (the salesperson) were buying the house?”




To conclude

Buying a new home, especially if it is the first one – is always going to be a more-or-less cumbersome process. But, thankfully, there are a lot of people and resources who can most certainly aid in making the process a lot more easier.

This checklist covers several important points and questions that people might miss when they go about looking for their perfect homes.

Do yourself a good one, and, carry this checklist along with you – every time you go to – either a visit a project/property, or, meet with a sales agent or person.

Happy home hunting!

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