Residential Real Estate Options For Young Parents: Kharadi

Residential Real Estate Options For Young Parents: Kharadi

Kharadi is a fast-developing region in Pune, providing a wide range of investment choices in the real estate sector. As young parents, you and your partner could consider buying an apartment here, as it ensures a secured financial and social future for your family. Your kid would grow up in a healthy environment and avail all kinds of modern facilities of an upscale society. When you carefully plan your residential investment options, you get a brighter future ahead.

Top local schools

As young parents, the all-important question that you need to tackle is – ‘What should you look for when purchasing a home’, and one of the most valid reasons of investing in a property in Kharadi is the reputability of local schools. There are both public and private schools in Kharadi, with top infrastructure and excellent learning environment. Most of them operate under the CBSE framework. Your young kid would get ample opportunities of receiving a world-class education.

Good neighborhood society

good societies and standard residential projects in kharadi

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You might also like to enquire about the standard of society in a residential project in Kharadi where you would be investing. High-profile residential projects in this region have good families. The economic and social status of people is similar to you, having stable and reputed professional backgrounds.

A crime-free locality

While investing in real estate in your 20s, one of the major factors that you consider the locality where you are planning to buy a home should be crime-free. You would be delighted to know that Kharadi is a perfect place to purchase a flat, as the region is highly praised as a place free of any major crime. This makes the decision of investing in a Kharadi property even wiser. Safety and security to your family are guaranteed here.

The USP of Kharadi

Besides being an environmentally serene area, Kharadi is also a scenic place where you would genuinely love to own a home. As young parents, you would want a hassle-free childhood for your kid, and a home in Kharadi provides exactly fulfills this particular objective. From developed roads to high-end markets and ultra-modern entertainment facilities, all amenities are in the vicinity of top-grade ongoing residential projects.

Grab golden opportunities as beginners

As young parents, you and your partner could be termed as beginners in the arena of real estate investment. Conduction a thorough research of the property before investing in it is the basic approach. The top tip for real estate investing for beginners is holding the property in the long run. Never go for selling your flat in Kharadi soon after purchasing it. It would not bring you the desired financial returns.

The prestigious Zen estate in Kharadi boasts of a continuously increasing value. Hence, the price at which you purchase a property in Zen estate today would obviously reach a stupendous level after, say, 15 years. Hence, the right strategy is simply to hold the property you have bought in Kharadi. There are rewards in the long run.

Opportunities in the short run

In the short run, if you want to gain from the Zen estate Kharadi, then practical advice to follow would be to use the home as a rental property. The rental prices in the Kharadi region flats are skyrocketing. You would be quite astonished by the rates you could demand. When you build a portfolio of real estate investment, keep in mind the potential of rental prices in the Kharadi region. Each year, there is a steady increase in rental prices, providing you more reason to use your property more lucratively in the short run.




The benefit of tax deductions

When you are considering how to invest in real estate at a young age, it would be a great ploy to seek consultation from an experienced financial expert, specifically a chartered accountant. The professional could tell you about particular tax deduction benefits on your investment in the Kharadi region when you plan to purchase a flat in Zen estate.

Sports facilities within the estate

The Zen estate is slated to be equipped with advanced sports facilities. Hence, in near future, a home in the estate would provide your kid with excellent scope to enjoy his childhood getting involved in various outdoor and indoor sports activities. Investing in a home in Kharadi, in this case in Zen estate, would mean there would be overall growth of your child.

Making friends in the society complex

Zen Estate Kharadi

Another great advantage of the Zen estate is important from a social perspective. There would be other young parents investing in the same area and estate. So, your kid would get friends of his age in the society complex. His childhood would be full of fun and frolic. Investing in Zen estate also does mean you are gifting sustainable happiness to your child.

A protected area

Zen estate is a completely protected area, making it one of the high-profile zones in the Kharadi region in Pune. The surveillance is of top-standard, and you can fully rely on its efficiency.

Aiming for a stronger portfolio

As young parents, you can aim for buying a couple of properties in Zen estate, with a more extensive investment approach. The smaller property unit could be rented and the high returns and later on sold in the long run, bringing you huge returns, enough to fund your kid’s higher studies.

Secure the future of your child

Invest in Zen estate and ensure your child a happy, stable future.