What Are The Things to Consider for Your Family Members While Buying a Home?

What Are The Things to Consider for Your Family Members While Buying a Home?

Buying a new home has never been an easy process. And, when it comes to buying one for a family of – let’s say – 6, the process becomes a little more complicated.

Each member of a family is obviously a different person and each one has different expectations, needs and wants. Hence, in order to come to a consensus of actually deciding on a home can be quite a challenge.

Although, there may never exist a through-&-through guide that would enable each family to acquire a perfect home, we believe that some of these points might just help the cause that each family is trying their best to fulfil.

1) Consider your Budget

Consider Your Budget

First thing first – without considering the amount of money you will be able to spend, there’s no real point in looking for homes.

It is absolutely essential that one knows the maximum limit up-to which they can go when investing in an asset as solid and expensive as a home.

At any given time, there are a number of options in-terms of the applicability of houses, projects and properties. One must know their needs and accordingly plan their overall budget when it comes to taking further steps.

For example – in a family of 6 – with a couple, two children and grandparents, an ideal requirement would be of a 3 BHK Home. Here the budget should be strictly taken in to consideration because the size of the home and, where, how and who is building it is a strong factor when it comes to the overall price of the home.

2) Consider the Size of the House

Consider the Size of the House

Once the maximum limits of one’s home-expenditure capacity has been determined – it is time to consider the right size of the home.

Some might approach this in a reverse order – of size first and then the price. But, according to us, it is easier when the budget comes first because this simple act could directly filter out a lot of properties that could be of the right size, but, out of budget.

Depending on the size of the family, and, their needs, wants and requirements, one can and should be able to determine a home of the perfect size and shape.

3) Community, Neighbourhood & Society

Community, Neighbourhood & Society

Everyone dreams of living in a heavenly place. And, as the saying goes – look for heaven not elsewhere but on earth itself – is only true by the environment one is able to live-in, be a part of and contribute towards.

A good community, neighbourhood and society goes a long way in not only creating a home out of house, but, also enables an overall growth & development of a family and its individual members.

One should be able to not only find comfort in and around the area in which they are living, but, also be able to contribute towards its growth and prosperity. This is absolutely essential for a happy, peaceful and harmonious life and lifestyle.


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4) Amenities & Facilities

Amenities & Facilities

When most of the details in regards with the actual home has been determined, one can check out the amenities and facilities provided by the builder and developer.

Again, these can range from the very basic one’s like stairs, lift, lobby, parking space, basic security measures and guards, to more sophisticated one’s like children’s playground’, swimming pool, multi-tier security, jogging/walking tracks, etc.

Based on the kind of amenities and facilities one is looking-for, they can easily segregate properties and projects based on their liking.

5) Proximity to Daily Conveniences

Proximity to Daily Conveniences

It is often complained about – “What is the point in living at one of the most premium developments when one has to travel quite a bit to even buy commodities of basic and daily needs and requirements.

It is absolutely important for one to thoroughly inspect and scan the locality to fulfil all of the daily needs and wants of the members of a family that is going to be living there for a long time.

Basic conveniences like grocery stores, medical stores, clinics & hospitals, recreational spaces, etc. are of vital importance when it comes to deciding where one can live sustainably for a long period of time.

6) Proximity to Schools & Offices

Proximity to Schools & Offices

Let’s go back to the family of 6. Whilst the grandparents might relax at home and do their activities and chores, the bread-winners of the house must continue to work in order to be able to afford the house and everything that goes with keeping it smoothly functional. And the kids? Well, they have to go to a school, don’t they?

This is why it is crucial that a home not only suits one’s intrinsic values, but also goes towards fulfilling the more holistic one’s.

One must decide upon a house only when it comes to fulfilling not only the needs of the present, but, also the nurturing and safeguarding the future.


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To conclude

These are some of the tips that one can refer to when making the grand decision of buying a home. When it comes to planning and delivering the best for one’s family, one must always strive to do their groundwork and homework in the best possible way

Happy home hunting, folks!

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