5 Hurdles In Home Buying Journey And How We Fix It

5 Hurdles In Home Buying Journey And How We Fix It

Buying a home or a residential property is a decision which must be backed by sound practical features and aspects that satisfied your deepest psychological desire. Your home is much more than just real estate property. It is your private space where you will bring up and nurture your family, spend quality private life and will relax, rewind and rejuvenate to face the challenges of the world once again.

This is exactly why people make a lot of calculations and a lot of preparations before they select their dream home. All of this presents various hurdles in the way and definitely poses a lot of hard work in the very first time home buying process.

Introduce home buying journey

The home buying process in India consists of some very basic and simple steps. Let us make a list of these steps.

  • At the very onset of the process the buyer must jot down the important elements they need to bear in mind while selecting a property. In other words the buyer needs to streamline the features they wish their properties to contain. This may include aspects like the locality, the amenities needed in the locality, the floor space of the apartment, orientation of the apartment, price bracket, etc. Projects like the Mahalaxmi Zen Estate Kharadi are rare that offers a perfect amalgamation of all the basic features for a comfortable and convenient lifestyle.


  • Mentally prepare and select the arenas you wish to explore for the properties. Some of the possible arenas are the online property sites, the traditional brokers and estate agents in the city, the real estate magazines and journals giving information on the upcoming projects of the city, etc.


  • Plan your finances. Select the bank or the loan providing institutions from where you wish to take the loan. Get information on the amount of loan you can avail, the best suited period of payback offering moderate rate of interest and so on.


How is it important?

Home Buying Process


Investing in a residential real estate property often requires a huge capital funding. People often need to offer a lion’s share of their savings to invest in such projects. Preparations and calculations are hence more than imperative.

As a first timer you need to begin with the basic question as ‘what’s the process of buying a home’? You need to either take the help from a person who has already been through the process of buying a property or consult a property dealing financial expert.

At the very onset of the process it is imperative the aspiring buyers must understand that the cost of owning such a property is much more than merely paying for the total square feet area of the property.

Several other additional expenses like registration fee, mutation fee, interior painting expenses, light fitting, furnishing etc is involved in the whole project. All of this can go up to a much larger amount than just the floor space area.

Considering hurdles

The hurdles of investing in a residential real estate project are numerous. Their number might seem a little daunting for the ones approaching the job for the very first time. However with a careful assessment of the situation and a calculated approach all these hurdles can be easily overcome. However if we are to point out at some of the most challenging obstacles of the domain it can be said that:

  • Finding a suitable real estate project that has all the desired features and amenities in them happens to be the biggest challenge. Even some of the best projects from the top builders of the nation do not offer all the features and facilities you are looking for. The biggest difficulty is to find a desirable project in the location you had shortlisted.


  • The next hurdle is to get a project you like within your financial means. This is where you need to start thinking of a suitable home loan. However even then the home loan must be such that it will not pose a challenge for you while paying it off.




Loans-paperwork – etc

Home Loan Paperwork


One of the biggest challenge or hurdle buyers needs to face while buying a residential real estate project is to tend to all the loan related paper work. It can turn out to be a rather tedious and technical process.

A lot of paper and documents are needed to be produced and maintained. To do the work properly it is imperative you are guided by an expert of the domain. Often the officials and the teams of the banks and the financial institutions providing the loan helps their clients with the entire loan related paperwork.

How is Zen Estate easing this?

Zen Estate Kharadi Pune


The Zen Estate Kharadi is one of the premium residential projects of Pune. The estate has truly sent ripples across the real estate market and has a large gamut of interested buyers for it. The project is located in a premium location and offers a host of modern facilities with a super chic architecture. Zen has truly simplified home buying journey for the buyers.

The Mahalaxmi Group has come up with a deal which provides attractive benefits for the first time buyers of residential projects. Now the first time buyers can avail simple online registration process for their properties. The Group will also consider the budget of the first time buyers and restructure their price and will couple it with a host of other value added features.