Customer Reviews of Zen Estate, Kharadi: Part 2

Customer Reviews of Zen Estate, Kharadi: Part 2

It is true that when it comes to real estate projects, Pune happens to be one of the most promising canvases in the entire country. Owing to the booming economy, the large number of IT and non-IT brands opening and establishing in the city, a growing index of buying capacity amongst the Punekars, massive urbanization programs of the state government bringing more lad within the city limits – Pune stands out as one of the most potential avenues for real estate development.

For a long time now the city horizon of Pune has been the witness of several such upcoming projects in different parts of the city. Even then to find a single project which can offer you a complete set of amenities is hard to find.

So what makes a perfect residential project?


Who can buy a home in Pune?


This simple question brings u to a very important domain – the aspects that we must look out for to invest in a great residential real estate project. At the very onset remember that this is more than an investment for you. This is your future ‘home’. You do not buy a home every second month. This is why you must be on the lookout for a project which will offer you amenities ad features which will help you to have a comfortable life in the coming times. Hence a perfect residential project must have all the facilities of a prime location and also a complex with great in-built facilities.

Zen Estate Kharadi


Zen Estate - right product right place


Now, that we have briefly stated the requirements that fulfill the search for a residential real estate project, our search for such a perfect amalgamation brings us to the Zen Estate Kharadi. This is one of the most prestigious residential real estate projects in Pune which offers owners all the benefits of a premium location and also a superior quality architectural planning within the city.

The huge demand for properties in this project clearly explains the quality index, facilities and competitive pricing offered by the esteemed Mahalaxmi Group through their star real estate project – The Zen Estate Kharadi.

Customer Reviews

If a quick look through their project brochure is not enough to understand and do a summation of the benefits of this project a quick brush through the Zen Estate Kharadi review from their buyers/customers will help you to realize the positive points of the project.


1. Om Deshmukh



Mr. Deshmukh is working in Accenture as a senior programmer and he has booked a flat in Zen estate. Mr. Deshmukh mentioned that this is his first real estate investment. He was looking for a project that will successfully offer both luxury and the facilities of a premium location.

Zen Estate with its several in-built luxury features coupled with the benefits of the location of kharadi offered everything that Mr. Deshmukh required. Further he mentions that the pricing of Zen Estate as compared to its other contemporary projects happens to be the most competitive one that he has witnessed.


2. Suyash badjate



Mr. Suyash has invested in one of the properties in the Mahalaxmi Zen Estate Kharadi. He has mentioned that from the very beginning he was looking for a project in the kharadi region due to the facilities and the features of the location. He has further mentioned that from his research into the other projects in the region the pricing of Zen estate Kharadi happens to be really competitive.

The customer support and the marketing team supporting the project are yet again very competitive. They have briefed Mr. Suyash on all the features and amenities of the project and have been very professional and helpful in their approach and attitude.


3. Suyog Shinde



Mr. Shinde is yet again another customer who has invested in this project. He has confirmed that this project offers great in-built features which can enable a lavish and comfortable lifestyle.

Further the benefits of the kharadi region are massive. It has a great connectivity with the rest of the city and the area is in close vicinity from the IT hubs of the city. The customer support and sales cells are highly cooperative as well.


4. Amol Chowdhury



Mr. Chowdhury is highly satisfied with the architecture and the other in-built features of the project. Further he is convinced to have a very comfortable life in Zen Estate along with his family.

The area of Kharadi is one of the main reasons why he has invested in this project. Kharadi is not only very well connected with the other parts of the city but the area is once again being developed massively.


5. Yogesh Raskar



Mr. Rashkar in his Mahalaxmi Zen Estate Kharadi review has harped about the central location of the project and have said that the nearby proximity of the various facilities like the It park, the schools, markets, shopping malls, hospitals, etc have been one of the main reasons why he invested in this project.

Further he said that he has seen the other complete works of the Mahalaxmi and the Kohinoor Groups. He is very much assured of the kind of quality that he can expect out of this project.




Parting thoughts

A careful glance through the customer reviews of Zen estate Kharadi from the Mahalaxmi Group will reveal more than one reason to invest in this project. Owing to the colossal positive aspects the return on investment (ROI) on this project is only likely to surmount in the coming days.