Customer Reviews of Zen Estate, Kharadi Part 3

Customer Reviews of Zen Estate, Kharadi Part 3

As a prospectus buyer or investor you might often find yourself wondering regarding the best way you can ascertain the suitability of a real estate property. True in most cases if you are dealing with the leading real estate developers and some of their best rated projects, you can find a lot of grub about them in the corporate websites of the developers and also in the internet in general.

However all of this information might not always put all your doubts to rest, make you feel comfortable or help you to know all about them in details. In that cases the best thing to do is check out the customer reviews regarding the project. For example if you are exploring the stunning Zen Estate Kharadi going through their customer reviews is the best option you can explore.

Zen Estate Kharadi Review

In the course of this article we will take a look at some of the customer reviews who have already invested in the Zen Estate by the Mahalaxmi Group in Kharadi, Pune.

Mr. Sachin Babar


Mr. Babar has invested in a property in the Zen Estate in Kharadi Pune. As a customer he has shared his happy review where he has informed that he had chosen this project due to its prime location and also due to its affordable prices. The prices of Zen Estate happen to be highly within his means and budget. Further he is highly satisfied with the support and the coordination that he has received from the customer service team of the Mahalaxmi Developers.

As a happy and content customer he mentions that the customer support team has been very helpful and has made his experience of buying the property very smooth and easy. They have offered detailed and transparent information to him making the investment a lot simpler.

Mr. Harjinder Singh


Mr. Harjinder Singh is yet another very satisfied customer. In his reviews he has mentioned that he has not only completed the buying of the property but has also completed the registration. In this context he has mentioned that the sales team of the project happens to be very friendly and helpful. They have ensured that the entire process can be carried out in a hassle free manner.

Mr. Singh is very happy with the support he has received from this team. Further he has mentioned that the location of the project – Kharadi, is one of the main reasons why he ash chosen this project. He has said that Kharadi happens to be one of the most prime locations in Pune and offers a host of benefits to people who are investing in real estate properties here.

Further the region is rich in free and open spaces and an abundance of greenery. This is one of the most suitable places for those people who would like to stay connected with the urban centers of the city and yet love a healthy life amidst nature.

Mr. Vikas Gupta


Mr. Gupta is a professional into the real estate industry itself. He works in the domain of interior designing. Hence as a customer he seems to have a good amount of knowledge and exposure in this domain. In his review he mentioned that he had been looking for a suitable property in Pune for the last six seven years. Now with Zen Estate Kharadi he has struck the right deal.

As a happy customer he has called out everyone to come once and at least check out the project as a whole. He is pretty confident that anyone who is visiting the place will not be disheartened with they see.

In fact he has mentioned that the internal planning of the project along with all the facilities that the region has to offer happens to be quite unsurpassed as a deal. He says that even some of the most picky and finicky buyers will be pleased with the project as a whole making the task of taking a decision as an easy one. Mr. Gupta further clarifies that the combination of the features of the internal planning and the amenities of the region has made this project one of the best in Kharadi.




A Super attractive project

Zen Estate Kharadi Pune


It is more than clear from the Mahalaxmi Zen Estate Kharadi Review that this project happens to be one of the most lucrative and attractive projects of Pune. In fact the band of interested buyers is a corroboration enough of the popularity of the project. Not only the local people of Pune but even buyers from other parts of the state and even the country as a whole have come up to buy a property here.

The reviews so far have clearly pointed that as a buyer you can get it all in this project. It not only has a great architectural planning but the project and property owners here can experience a broad band of advantages due to the facilities available in the area. Kharadi is one of the most premium locations in Pune and property owners ere can invest in landed properties who is sure to experience an appreciate return on investment in the coming times.


Very thoughtful developers

Mahalaxmi Group Pune

The Zen Estate is the work of the prestigious developers of Pune – www.zenrealtyindia.com. This group has not only in the past offered some of the finest residential real estate projects across the city of Pune but at the same time has also offered super efficient customer support services for their patrons. This is a trend that they have kept ongoing even in their current project – Zen Estate Kharadi.

The customers so far have not only given rave reviews regarding the property but also happen to be more than happy with the support they have received from the developers team. The sales team, the customer service team together is taking all the initiative to help their customers have a smooth buying experience.