Expert Review On Zen Estate Kharadi

Expert Review On Zen Estate Kharadi

It is always essential to know about the details of a property before you finally decide to invest in it. As a young working parent, the decision also determines a secured future for your child. The first measure is of course patiently exploring the official website of the real estate. You can easily gather relevant information about different property units.

One of the most high-profile residential projects in Kharadi, Pune, titled Zen Estate, is a marvelous choice if you are considering a real estate investment. Besides visiting the website of the project, a rational way to know more about it is by reading reviews from credible sources.

A detailed review gives you a clearer picture

A detailed Zen estate Kharadi review provides you with a coherent picture regarding the attributes of the project. The review must come from a top industry expert, such as Mr. Jagannath Jadhav.

Who is Mr. Jagannath Jadhav?

Mr. Jagannath Jadhav is the ex-Chairman of the prestigious ‘Builders Association of India’, Pune Chapter. He currently holds the position of Director of the renowned Ratnarup Projects Private Limited. He has several years of experience as a real estate consultant and market expert, with a vast knowledge of investment opportunities in upscale residential and commercial projects. The expert opinions of Mr. Jagannath Jadhav are highly regarded in the real estate sector. Even a distinguished person of his stature has expressed admiration for Mahalaxmi Zen Estate Kharadi.

The valuable opinion of Mr. Jadhav on Zen estate



Mr. Jagannath Jadhav is confident about the high qualitative attributes of the Zen estate project. It is an award-winning project, creating lucrative opportunities for young investors to strengthen their financial prospects. After assessing the salient features of the Zen estate, Mr. Jadhav has declared it as one of the most coveted residential projects in the Kharadi area. He strongly believes that owning a property unit in the estate is a wise step ahead of securing an economically stable future.

Prestigious awards won by the Zen estate

Zen Estate Kharadi Awards


Zen estate has already established its mark in the industry, even in a competitive environment, by winning reputable awards. The two most important awards won by the project are:

  • Residential Complex of the Year 2020’ Award, from Realty+
  • Awarded the status of an ‘IGBC PLATINUM’ project for its all-inclusive sustainable green habitat and secured community premises

As a future investor, you already get the knowledge that the asset you are going to own is a certified, awarded, and highly recommended property unit.



Why will you choose Zen estate for real estate investment?

There might still be some dilemma in your mind about investing in the Zen estate residential project in Kharadi. Take your time and go through the valid points vouching for the project. There are numerous reasons to buy a home in Zen estate.

  • A well-connected sophisticated suburb – Kharadi was a small village a few decades ago. With investments pouring in from several industries, and the development of residential and commercial projects, it has fast developed into a sophisticated suburb in eastern Pune. It has a cosmopolitan neighborhood with excellent connectivity to offices, shopping malls, restaurants, the airport, and similar places of need.
  • Integrating sustainable practices – The developers of the project also have a deep and sincere understanding of the environment, besides meeting the needs of future customers. Zen estate is a premier gated community with a lovely lush green habitat, championing environmentally sustainable practices within its expansive premises. From recycled construction procedures, wastewater management to energy conservation, the project optimally touches on crucial aspects of sustainability.
  • Promising peace and safety – Achieving a peaceful lifestyle is another prime reason to invest in the property units of Zen estate. Recent years of phenomenal growth have refined the suburbs of Kharadi, transforming it into an area where upscale residential projects assure the owners a peacefully pristine environment. There are complete transparency and trust associated with this high-profile project in east Pune.


A relaxed and secure lifestyle


Zen Estate Project Amenities


One of the primary objectives of real estate investment is attaining a thoroughly relaxed lifestyle. The broad spectrum of amenities available within the complex of Zen estate ensures that you are able to achieve such a lifestyle without facing any hassles. The multiple attributes of the project are super-impressive, bearing a mark of class and high-end practicality.

  • Swimming pool – The estate has a swimming pool on its premises, with provisions of an exclusive baby pool.
  • Mediation deck for Yoga – Those among you interested in Yoga would find it comfortable to use a separate meditation deck on the project premises.
  • Jogging track – Regular fitness is addressed through a well-defined jogging track as one of the facilities.
  • Sit-out for senior citizens – You would be glad to know that the project has a separate sit-out zone for senior citizens, adding value to the lifestyle of your parents.
  • Separate play area for the kids – Ample options for your kids are available, such as a play area with soft rubber flooring
  • Party lawn – There is also a party lawn in the project premises that can be used to organize small social gatherings. It has a stage to uplift your joy, too.
  • Play court – The Zen estate project has a play court with facilities to practice several sports.
  • Amphitheatre – There is also a huge amphitheater on the estate premises.
  • Open Gym – You can hit the gym anytime when you want to stay fit and fine, as such facilities are included in the project.


Purchase the cozy home of your dreams

As you can see, there are multiple benefits of investing in a property unit in Zen estate. Don’t delay in purchasing a beautiful home in Zen estate Kharadi, Pune.