Kharadi – Everything You Will Ever Need To Know!

Kharadi – Everything You Will Ever Need To Know!

Located along the banks of the famous Mula-Mutha River – Kharadi – is now increasingly becoming known as one of the fastest growing areas in Pune city. Located in the eastern half of the city – Kharadi has turned into a top-preferred location for a home to a lot of people; and, not only from in-and-around Pune, but, from several corners of the country, and, even the world.

Kharadi has only bounced into the spotlight in the early 2000’s. Owing to the major revamp that Pune has been going through – certain areas of Pune have witnessed a major boom – in various aspects and sectors that are vital to defining living standards. Although the boom might appear to some as sudden – it is certainly not the case with Pune. If one might even mildly research the history and story of Pune – around and after the turn of the millennium – they will see that it was a well-planned and scrumptiously adopted and implemented – set of moves – that were carried out with a big-picture intention of making Pune one of the biggest cities in India.

And, in the year 2011 – Pune received its much-awaited recognition of becoming a Tier 1 city; among only 8 others in the country. Like we just discussed, this was no coincidence. With the advent of the IT sector in Pune – the city has sky-rocketed in terms of overall growth. This includes infrastructural, residential, commercial, entertainment, industrial, administrative, automotive and every other industry and sector related with the growth and development of a city.

Now, in order to better understand the evolution of Pune – we need to take a closer look at one of the main reasons as to why this has come about. This shouldn’t be too hard to assess because these days – because the phrase ‘IT sector’ – the major growth driver and contributor – is quite synonymous with Pune.

Cover image – www.indian-architects.com

Understanding a little more about the rise of the IT sector in Pune will also give us some more insight into what has got Kharadi this much attention in recent times. Let’s dive a little bit into this –

IT Sector in Pune – General Overview

Sometimes known as the Oxford of the east – Pune – was ready for its place on the bigger stage. A lot of people were moving to Pune – mostly in search of better work opportunities and because of its close proximity to Mumbai. Although several of the good opportunities were still at their nascent stage – Pune quickly rising to become one of the cities where people could get bigger chances for a better chance of life and living.

This was initiated with the inclusion of the Rajiv Gandhi Infotech Park in 1998. The timing couldn’t have been any better because it was at the cusp of the millennium that Pune started to rise in terms of overall general productivity..

Kharadi - Everything you will ever need to know - Kharadi IT Park


Image source – www.indian-architects.com

And this – set-off a chain of events that lead to the rise of Pune as one the fastest growing cities in the country. Now, there are a total of 12 IT Parks in Pune.

Some of the most well-known IT parks in Pune at present are –

  1. Rajiv Gandhi Infotech Park
  2. Cybercity IT Park
  3. EON Free Zone IT Park
  4. SP Infocity IT Park
  5. World Trade Centre
  6. Talawade IT Park

Sanjay Kumar Gupta, Director, Software Technology Parks of India (STPI), said – “although Pune ranks third in terms of Information Technology (IT) exports from Indian cities, it has registered the fastest growth of 11% in IT and IT-enabled services (ITes) exports which grew from Rs. 34,400 crore in 2015-16 to Rs. 43,000 crore in 2017-18.”

“While Bengaluru continued to lead the country with IT exports of Rs. 1.52 lac crore, Hyderabad registered exports of Rs. 51,500 crore which are reflective of the states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. The fastest growth, however, was registered by Pune at 11%. The factors responsible for this growth are largely fiscal incentives offered by the Maharashtra government to the industry,” he added.

Source – https://www.hindustantimes.com/pune-news/pune-records-fastest-growth-rate-in-it-exports-at-11/story-rrDup26zkTIGhDu6rZNFCM.html

According to Vidyadhar Purandare, honorary secretary, Software Exporters Association of Pune (SEAP) – “Pune, too, needs all stakeholders to come together and discuss how policy benefits can be passed on and what needs to be done to make Pune the No 1 exporter of IT and ITes industry,” he added.

According to him – “Pune’s emergence as an auto, engineering, IT and educational hub can add significantly to its growth on the software front. It can become an Internet of Things (IoT) hub given that it is No 1 in the auto industry, No 2 in IT and is one of the leading hubs for engineering and manufacturing companies. One can see the movement of some start-ups in the IoT space moving to Pune for the proof of concept as we have the auto sector here. If we can manage our traffic, labour and other infrastructure issues, we can beat Bengaluru. Investors after all will check all such issues before putting their money here,” he said.

Source – https://www.hindustantimes.com/pune-news/extension-of-the-vanaz-ramwadi-metro-line-to-kharadi-it-park-will-cost-1-000-crore/story-TIdVHS24HIfsefPyAz9wYP.html



Kharadi – The (New) Area of Unlimited Growth

Kharadi - Everything you will ever need to know - Infographic

Entertainment & Lifestyle in Kharadi

In today’s hectic life – everyone needs to take a break, relax and blow-off some steam. An area can usually provide most things that are usually essential for a basic life, but – in order for the life to be a profound one – entertainment in some form or another becomes vital.

Although – newly developed – Kharadi now boasts of several avenues for anyone looking to have a good time. With several entrepreneurs and business owners having realised the potential of this place, they have ensured to set-up their businesses/outlets here.

All-in-all, the nightlife in Kharadi has been picking-up at a staggering pace.

Kharadi - Everything you will ever need to know - Entertainment & LifestyleImage source – www.dineout.com


  1. Texas Tower
  2. Cafe 1730
  3. Red Chillies Restaurant
  4. Kimchi
  5. Chulbul Dhaba

Malls/Shopping Complexes

  1. Global High-street
  2. Amanora Mall
  3. Seasons Mall


  1. Kharadi Garden
  2. IT Park Ground
  3. Arya Sports Club
  4. Sportsage Cricket/Volleyball Ground


  1. Fairfield by Marriott
  2. Radisson Blu
  3. Treebo Trip Coronet Apartment
  4. The Haven
  5. Geeta Paradise by Bird of Paradise


  1. Bollywood Multiplex
  2. Kalyan Gopinathrao Gandle
  3. PVR Cinemas


Active Living in Kharadi

Blowing-off steam doesn’t only mean go out to eat, drink, dance or party. In fact, people nowadays prefer a more healthy and holistic approach to life. And, do not be surprised – but this also includes the younger crowd too. With a rise in awareness and exposure – people now know that it is important to take care better of themselves.

When it comes to – active living in Kharadi – the concepts have exponentially grown in nature. Earlier it meant – a few minutes of a walk, or a jog, some stretching; more recently it was simply hitting the gym and working out until your clothes were drenched in sweat. Now, it is widely known that a variety along with consistency in exercise goes a long way further in helping nourish the mind, body and soul than any other kind of rigorous workout.

Kharadi – like many of the other developed areas in Pune – also has its own set of establishments and faculties that cater to the growing need of a healthier lifestyle.


Kharadi - Everything you will ever need to know - Active Living


  1. ABS Fitness
  2. Fitness Factory
  3. F3 Fit Lounge
  4. Fitnesss First

Fitness Activities/Classes/Workshops

  1. Cross Training Fitness Point
  2. Arya Sports Turf
  3. Turf Up Kharadi
  4. Kala Dance Academy
  5. Happy Fit Studio
  6. Nrityaanjali Nritya Academy
  7. Abstract Moodz
  8. Studio19 – Dance & Fitness
  9. Rungz Multi-activity Studio
  10. Studio Kaalorie

Nature related

  1. Pavan Green Fields
  2. Blooming’s Garden Centre
  3. ABS Vertical Gardening

Yoga & Meditation

  1. PMC Yoga & Karate Hall
  2. Universal Yoga Studio
  3. Art of Living – Yoga Class & Meditation Centre
  4. Inner-mind Yoga Studio
  5. Pause n Learn Wellness Studio


Education in Kharadi

‘Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.’ – Malcolm X.

For many, the quality of a community or a society can be quantified by observing the educational levels of the people who live in it. Although this might stand to a debate – we simply cannot discredit the value a good educational institute provides to children, and, in-turn – our community and society as a whole.

With the rapid of Kharadi, the educational sector has seen a major rise in recent times. With the inclusion of several well-known and well-acclaimed schools and colleges – it has now turned into an area that provides beneficial value in terms of knowledge and learning. Schools in Kharadi have become an aspiration for many.


Kharadi - Everything you will ever need to know - Education


  1. Phoenix World School
  2. Kothari International
  3. Nirmala Convent High School
  4. Vivero International Pre-primary School & Childcare
  5. Victorious Kidss Educares
  6. Oxford World School
  7. Podar International School


  1. Shankarrao Ursal College of Pharmacy
  2. Dhole Patil College of Engineering
  3. Dhole Patil Junior College of Arts, Commerce & Science
  4. Lets Fly-Air Hostess Training Institute

Offices & Work in Kharadi

One of the biggest reasons why Kharadi has developed so significantly over the years is because of the inclusion of the EON IT Park. Among a few others – these have transformed the place into a bustling zone to most-definitely look-out for. The EON IT Park is also an SEZ i.e. Special Economic Zone; which means that companies that operate from this zone are allowed special privileges in terms of business and trade. Here a business can produce more and export more at a better and more competitive price than from any other areas in the country. This idea has been undertaken to allow companies from India to compete better in the global markets.

Apart from the huge EON IT Park and a few other big companies, there are also a lot of other small companies and start-ups sprouting in the area. The lower real estate and rental prices and the great connectivity offer a perfect combination to several business owners.

Kharadi - Everything you will ever need to know - Offices

However, we will take a look only at some of the companies in the IT Parks for now.

EON Free Zone IT Park

  1. Veritas Technologies
  2. Symantec Software Solutions Private Limited
  3. Eaton
  4. Trizetto, Cognizant Company
  5. Idhasoft Limited
  6. Vodafone

World Trade Centre

  1. The Delta Group of Companies
  2. ITPC India Private Limited
  3. XDBS Private Limited
  4. Triente Global Services Private Limited
  5. Pioneer Data System Private Limited
  6. Fashion Vista – Manufacturers & Exporters

Zensar Knowledge Park

  1. Zensar Technologies

Gera Commerzone

  1. Barclays Global Service Centres

Healthcare in Kharadi

It is essential for a growing and developing area to have an inclusion of a variety of civic amenities that would garner a better life to the people living in the area. Out of these requirements – healthcare is high-up in the list. Healthcare is a perpetual need within any and every society. Growth always comes at a price or cost and, health is the one thing that is most affected.

Healthcare nowadays has reached newer heights in-terms of better care, facilities, personnel and infrastructure. Kharadi too has got its fair share of healthcare facilities that span across its area.

Kharadi - Everything you will ever need to know - Healthcare


  1. Columbia Asia Hospital
  2. Motherhood Hospital
  3. Shree Hospital
  4. Rising Medicare Hospital
  5. Balaji Hospital


  1. Health Plus Clinic
  2. Sukhakarta Homeopathy Clinic
  3. Ish Family Clinic
  4. Arogyam Health Clinic
  5. Happy Family Clinic

Connectivity in Kharadi

Kharadi used to be one of those remote locations with a little more than nothing. But as Pune continued to develop, and more accurately – areas around it began coming in to the limelight – the usefulness of Kharadi began to become a lot more clearer. Even today – Kharadi is still growing; if one goes in and around the area – they can easily realise the buzz. There is always something being constructed or a plethora of office crowds in different parts of the area.

Kharadi is extremely well-connected with several of the most highly-visited and liveable areas in Pune. Even within the area – the connectivity is good and provides good accessibility.

Kharadi - Everything you will ever need to know - Connectivity


Kharadi enjoys very good connectivity with some of the most highly-visited areas in the eastern and northern parts of Pune. Places like Mundhwa, Koregaon Park, Wadgaon Sheri, Viman Nagar, Lohegaon, Wagholi, Magarpatta and even Hadapsar are within close driving distance.


The closest Railway Station to Kharadi would be Hadapsar Station which is a measly 5.1 KM away.


The Pune International Airport is only 7.6 KM away.


  1. In close proximity to Pune-Ahmednagar Highway.
  2. In close proximity to Pune-Solapur National Highway.


Maha-metro officials have said that the extension of the Vanaz-Ramwadi metro line to Kharadi IT park will add Rs 1,000 crore to the existing budget. A delegation of various IT industries has demanded an extension of the Vanaz-Ramwadi metro stretch till Kharadi IT Park. Maha-Metro officials assured the IT (Information Technology) industry that they will consider the proposal. (3)

Religious Establishments

Societies in our country are not complete without a fair establishment of religious structures. Although to fulfil the purpose for religion – establishments such as temples, churches, mosques, gurudwara’s also contributing towards showing our country’s beliefs, culture and heritage.

Kharadi - Everything you will ever need to know - Religious Establishments

Kharadi is well-endowed with quite a few religious establishments. Some of them are –


  1. Ganesh Mandir
  2. Sai Baba Temple
  3. Hanuman Mandir
  4. Shree Kal Bhairav Mandir
  5. Durga Mata Mandir
  6. Shri Kalbhairavnath Temple
  7. Digambar Jain Mandir


  1. Door Of Hope Fellowship Church
  2. St. Francis De Sales Church
  3. Yawhe Shamma Evangelical Church
  4. Bethesda CSI Tamil Church


  1. Jama Masjid
  2. Sunni Mosque
  3. Nuri Jama Masjid
  4. Maymoona-Noor Masjid
  5. Jama Masjid – Ahle Sunnat


  1. Gurudwara Guru Tegbahadurji – Sikh Temple


Other Conveniences

Perhaps some of the most important requirements to ensure a safe, secure, stable and a more holistic environment for an area are some of the ones’ that are most often overlooked. These mostly comprise of the most basic infrastructural establishments that are essential for an area and its people to be able to live in peace and still have a safety-net at the end of the day.

For example – a supermarket is something that is essential for the smooth functioning of daily life.

Kharadi has been able to develop in such a way that its people feel safe and secure to the point of not having to travel further from the area for basic requirements or daily conveniences or help.

Kharadi - Everything you will ever need to know - Other Conveniences

Some of the available civic infrastructure comprises of –

Grocery Shopping/Supermarkets

  1. More Supermarket
  2. Puneri Fresh Mart
  3. Greensville Mart
  4. Hi Choice Super Shop


  1. Wagholi Fire Station – 7.2 KM
  2. Amanora Fire Station – 7.1 KM

Police Station

  1. Kharadi Police Station
  2. Kharadi Bypass Police Chowky


  1. Induslnd Bank
  2. ICICI Bank
  3. IDBI Bank
  4. Axis Bank
  5. Canara Bank
  6. Union Bank
  7. Vijaya Bank
  8. Sadhana Sahakari Bank
  9. Ujjivan Small Finance Bank


  1. HDFC Bank ATM
  2. ICICI Bank ATM
  3. Citibank ATM
  4. State Bank of India ATM
  5. Kotak Mahindra Bank ATM
  6. Axis Bank

Postal Services

  1. Blue Dart Courier Services
  2. DTDC Kharadi
  3. DHL Express (India) Pvt. Ltd.
  4. Tej Courier
  5. ParcelBhejo Courier Solution


To Conclude

Through this article – you will see how Kharadi as an area could well and truly provide a range of benefits for a healthy and fruitful life. At the end of the day, we’re all people – and as people – we require a certain set of basic requirements that will provide us with a wholesome living experience.

For example – humans are social beings and it’s in our nature to be interactive and eventually create or be a part of a community through which we can understand ourselves better. Another example would be that people need to work for a living; this means that when one chooses to move-to or live in a big city – they will have to find some kind of job that would fulfil their requirements of survival. For this reason – there are plenty more job opportunities in a city like Pune and it is why so many people are coming in every day.

All-in-all – Kharadi – as an area to live has facilities and features with huge potential and promise to grow in the future.

In collaboration with Kohinoor Group, Mahalaxmi Pune have created a fantastic & prestigious project – Zen Estate – in Kharadi. It is located along the banks of the Mula-Mutha River. Well-endowed with several premium amenities with the added bonus of a prime location – Zen Estate – assures to elevate everyday living to a blissful state.

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